For all of you that are new to Cypher Avenue, these are Podcasts and Interviews from our previous website DISCREET CITY.

They are vulgar. They are offensive. They are entertaining. They are awesome.

It is still being debated whether or not we will reboot the podcast for Cypher Avenue (or just take an extended hiatus), but you can still gobble up the past joints in the meantime.

Consume with caution.


EPISODE 01: Masculinity & Femininity

EPISODE 02: Friends, Paranoia & HIV

EPISODE 03: Anniversary, Frank Ocean and Gay Outrage

EPISODE 04: Tony & Dave, Teenage Sex, Obama and Gay Dating

Episode 05: Discreet Gay Men, The LA Complex and Bad Gay Cinema

Episode 06: Dumb Gay Porn Stars, Being Single and More

Episode 07: Website Change, Masc Privilege, Patriarchy and the Gay Lifestyle

Episode 08: Gay Web Series, The DL Chronicles, Does Honesty Equal Hating?

Episode 09: Messy Gay Men, Feminine Gay Black Feminists & French Fries

Episode 10: Jason Collins, Gay Stereotypes and Nick & Ocky’s Face Pics

Episode 11: The Gay Mafia, Black Femm Elites and Broke Gay Men

Episode 12: The Sex & Dating Show

Episode 13: The Relationship Show

Episode 14: The This or That Show

Episode 15: The Final Show



INTERVIEW : I’m In Love with a Stripper!

INTERVIEWS: “Freefall” Creator Lamont Pierre

INTERVIEWS: Rap Artist Kaoz

INTERVIEWS: The DL Chronicles – Deondray Gossett and Quincy LeNear