F You

You’re at work and notice all the flowers, balloons and shit folk are getting on Valentine’s Day. You over hear their plans of after work romantic dinners, while little cherubs dance and fly about with glee. 


Valentine’s Day is definitely not a favorite holiday for mine. Yeah, I’m in a relationship now but was single for many, many years. As a lonely teen not able to explore my sexuality in the early 90’s – while everyone else had “sweet hearts” –  my sadness and jealously helped me understand at an early age that Valentine’s Day is just another pointless commercial holiday companies and retailers use to cash in on egos, pride and emotions. It’s estimated that over 17 billion dollars will be spent on Valentine’s Day; from candies, cards, balloons, flowers, jewelry, etc. 

I have worked with plenty of women though out the years and for some Valentine’s Day along with their birthday, were the only time their husbands or boyfriends would take them out to dinner or buy them flowers. I’m thinking, waiting for a holiday or birthday to show you care or love someone and then having to spend tons of money to do so is crap.

But let me not digress too much because my point here is more so directed at the single gay men out there who sometimes sulk when Valentine’s rolls around.

Regardless of my disgruntled feelings and revelations about a holiday that in my opinion is heavily geared towards women; I still remember in my 20’s how a day designated for couples, calls attention to the implications of how lonely one can be and how hard it is to meet Mr. Right…but you shouldn’t really give a damn about being lonely on a designated Tuesday. 

Instead of allowing the mass media to bombard you with messages, marketing and sale tactics, reminding you of your ‘singleness’ OR how you need to show someone you love them on this particular holiday by spending money; why not spend your time wisely and focusing your attentions on you!

Take this time to reflect on how your 2017 is going for you so far. Do you need to re-examine or re-shift focus on your New Year’s Resolutions?  Are you improving and developing yourself so when you do meet a potential Mr. Right, you will be available to move forward with out excess baggage and personal issues?

Let this Valentine’s Day be a “Focus On You Day!” Be grateful and happy you’re single and that you’ve been given the gift of time. 

And beside if you get too lonely, have a drink or two, stream some porn, get a good nutt and take your ass to sleep. When you wake up the next day, it will all be a memory and the Valentine’s Day candy will be on sale.