Premiering during the Grammys, Childish Gambino helped introduce Google’s Playmoji feature only available on their Pixel phones. Playmoji allows people to interact with virtual versions of celebrities and other characters.

My thought when seeing this; “Great, something else to add to our self-absorbed narcissistic society that fishes for likes while hoping to go viral and appear on Ellen”.

The virtual celebrities and characters are overlaid using Google augmented reality technology which allows them to fit seamlessly into the environment around the user. The virtual characters will cast shadows and move around as if they were really in the video or selfie.

Again, this is only on Pixel phones… from their first version to new Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL. So get ready for your social media feeds to full up with more attention seeking bullshit.

I do look forward to the NSFW porn versions though. I mean this does seem like it was made for the Kardashians.