If We’re In a Relationship; Your Clothes are My Clothes

By OckyDub | Posted Dec 23 2017 | 18 Comments  

I remember many years ago listening to comedian Jerry Seinfeld in which he humorously mentions what he thinks is one of the greatest benefits of being a gay man in a relationship with another man.  He stated that if he and the other man were about the same size in stature; he would be elated because his wardrobe would instantly double. He stated he would have access to new shirts, shoes, pants, etc. and save a fortune.

Years later, I’ve seen countless memes and social media postings from straight men complaining about their girlfriends wearing or taking their sweat shirts and hoodies. I can’t recall hearing these type of complaints from non-heterosexual dudes and I wondered what could be the reason/s behind this.

Could one reason be because many gay dudes are perpetually single and serial daters? Granted, we’ve all seen photos and know of plenty of happily married gays or dudes in long term relationships. Nonetheless; it’s also known that many men don’t make it past the first date, a hookup or a one month time span. So understandably no shirts nor house keys will be shared.

On a personal level, my partner is bigger than myself but I have from time to time found myself (out of necessity) wearing his dress shirts, pants, dress shoes underwear and socks. Long term relationships are possible, so if it’s something you’re seeking, could you one day see yourself sharing cloths with your partner?




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