Yeah, I know rape-ee (as a person who is raped) isn’t a proper term but of course I’m relating to ‘employer’ and ‘employee’, and to my knowledge there isn’t a one word antonym for rape. Keep in mind I’m not making light of the subject of rape and sexual assault. I’ve discussed and written about the marginalization of male rape and male sexual assault victims.

I’m one of those web surfers who constantly save or bookmarks articles or websites for later viewing (which rarely happens) and have built up a library of hundreds of links. In the process of cleaning up some files I came across a post from early 2016 concerning backlash The Steve Harvey Morning Show’s ‘Strawberry Letter’ segment received that had to do with consent and rape.

The reaction and statements from sexual assault advocates and feminists gave me pause and caused me to examine not only if I was a rapist (by definition) but had I also been a victim of raped?

Listen to my commentary involving the description and backlash of the ‘Strawberry Letter’ in addition to my own admissions below.