Inside the Mind of Octavius Williams: Part 2

By OckyDub | Posted Nov 14 2016 | 9 Comments  


Thanks everyone for checking out part one of Inside the Mind of Octavius Williams podcast. I chuckled when I remembered I called part one a “vlog” (really). I know kats was like “how you gonna have a vlog with no video?” I know part two is a little long as well, but believe me; I tried to incorporate the feedback and criticism I received with the first one. I tried to watch my tangents and tried to stay on topic. I know I wasn’t completely successful but know I did better than before.

Once again, I welcome all negative, positive, constructive and destructive feedback…it helps me grow and move forward.

Much Appreciations,




About the Author

Octavius is a founder and editor of Cypher Avenue. He's here to help speak for us and show the world that masculine gay / bisexual men of color are not a part of the stereotypical gay normal that is seen and fed to the masses. No...we are a distinct breed, filled with character and pride. Cypher Avenue is here to show the world how we are different.

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    ControlledXaos | November 15th, 2016
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      SB3 | November 15th, 2016
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    SB3 | November 15th, 2016
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    African King | November 15th, 2016
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    TreDaDon | November 16th, 2016
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    Jaa | November 17th, 2016
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    DreG | November 17th, 2016
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    jusrawb | November 28th, 2016

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