I should write a review of this series, but I won’t…basically because: Who really cares.

Instead I’ll just give my hot takes:

• It’s shit.
• Rico Pruitt is the Kevin Hart of Black Gay Web Series: Overexposed and Undertalented.
• Maybe that was harsh.
• Pruitt is handsome, but his appeal with young black gays isn’t proportionate to his level attractiveness.
• Okay, that may have been harsh too.
• This web series is basically the black gay millennial version of “The Player’s Club.”
• The abusive boyfriend is, of course, an unemployed masculine Top, the new stereotype.
• I find it hard to believe that these “actors” are serious about the craft.
• These web series and their popularity are slowly causing me to believe that all young black gay men under 30 years old are, or want to be like, these men.