bannerrs“To those who would call me a thug or worse because I show passion on a football field, don’t judge a person’s character by what they do between the lines. Judge a man by what he does off the field, what he does for his community, what he does for his family.” Richard Sherman

If you saw the 2013 NFC Champions Seattle Seahawks’ victory over the San Francisco 49ners in Sunday’s game than you know emotions were running high. Who would go to Super Bowl 48 between the two teams came down to one play.  As the 49ners Quarterback attempted to throw a touchdown pass intended for receiver Michael Crabtree, the ball was deflected by the Seahawk’s Richard Sherman, which caused the balled to be intercepted by the Seahawks. Victory!

However the media was set ablaze by Sherman’s words (trash talk) during the post-game on field interview with reporter Erin Andrews. See below…

From the media and some public reaction to the video, you would think the man had said he sodomized Jesus’ mother on the 50 yard line. Sherman is being called everything from ghetto, immature, classless, no taste, to the more harsh, thug, monkey, baboon, etc. Oh yes it got hella racist. Some headlines have stated that Sherman “scared” Erin Andrews with his aggressiveness. Comparing it to the “aggression that is needed to drown dogs” like former felon Mike Vick. Others have said his trash talk wasn’t the problem but it’s the “way” he talks trash. He doesn’t do it as eloquently as Muhammad Ali…Really with this?

RSTweet_original(Past trash talk against Tom Brady)

Who doesn’t know that athletes talk trash to each other or as it’s really called on the field and in the locker rooms “talk shit”. Gasp, the horror. Commentators are proclaiming how he is setting a poor example for young athletes who apparently don’t talk trash but will start to now after hearing Sherman do it.

What am I missing hear? For those who believe he is setting a bad example or being a negative role model for youngsters, fuck you. Their parents should be their role models like Sherman’s parents were to him. His father whom he idolizes was a garbage man and his mother works with disabled children. With these positive role models in Sherman’s life, he finished second in his class at Manuel Dominguez High School and only received 1 (ONE) “B” and all A’s while playing football and running track.  You know because that’s how thugs keep it real (sarcasm).

In 2013 the Stanford University Grad donated 30 helmets to his old high school and told students during a Q&A session “the NFL can last just 3-1/2 years. Your education is going to carry you further.” Yep spoken like a true thug (more sarcasm).

Trash Talk from Ocky;
Fuck you 49ners fans, Bronco fans and you racists, over your lame manufactured outrage.  If only people could get this galvanized about shit that really matters as opposed to a football game. 


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