This started out as a quick random Profile Post on our Social Networking site The Boards, but Cypher Avenue Squad Member @ControlledXaos suggested that it might be better as a full conversation:

One of my sexy young Straight mentees just announced that he’s having a baby with a woman he loves…I looked up who his girl was and, to be real, she’s an ugly chick. Well, she’s actually just slightly below average, but compared to him, she’s gully.

My first thought was he could do WAAAAY better. Then I thought about how often I see Fine Azz straight dudes with women who don’t even hit above a 5 out of 10…many times they even have multiple kids with these chicks.

On another straight-leaning message board I visit, people were going in on Jordan Peele’s (of Key and Peele) recently announced fiance, a fellow comedic actor featured on the FOX show Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

When they were done arguing whether or not a biracial man was allowed to marry a white woman, they then went in on how unattractive she was and how he could do so much better.

To be honest, I’ve seen worse than her….but its true, she’s not traditionally “stunning and beautiful”…but they both look happy and being comedians, I’m sure they make each other laugh non-stop…

The conversation on this subject on Cypher Avenue’s The Boards with @ControlledXaos and @Kouncelor started to get interesting so I promoted it to a full post.


This got me thinking, is there really a difference with gay men?


Personally, I rarely see a fine black gay dude with someone busted or “average.” Those gay men tend to flock together and are so concerned about appearance and status and how they will look in photos together that they wouldn’t dare date an “average” or unattractive dude. Unless he was an older “Daddy” type willing to sponsor him.

What are your thoughts?