QUESTION OF THE WEEK: Would You Hire An Escort Just For Lonely Holiday Company?

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Apr 14 2018 | 14 Comments  

If you were single and were feeling lonely on the holidays, would you consider hiring a “date” to spend the day with?

How about hiring one just for appearances to an event so that you’re not the lonely guy standing around sipping your open-bar cocktail with no “significant other” to talk to at all?

Or how about that Thanksgiving gathering that you were invited to but would look weird to attend (yet again) as a single person?

Then, of course, there’s Valentine’s Day…A day many single people dread to be alone. Would you consider hiring a guy for that day?

Side Note: Are this guy’s prices way too low for what he’s offering? I mean, he looks handsome, it seems like he could be charging way more for his time.

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  1. over-it
    over-it | April 14th, 2018
  2. rhodelee | April 14th, 2018
  3. Nick Delmacy
    Nick Delmacy | April 14th, 2018
  4. mojoreece
    mojoreece | April 14th, 2018
  5. Dante Kelly
    Dante Kelly | April 14th, 2018
  6. Will Comeaux
    Will Comeaux | April 14th, 2018
  7. African King
    African King | April 14th, 2018
  8. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus-Brooks | April 15th, 2018
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    Sean | April 16th, 2018
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    Wes | April 16th, 2018
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    SB3 | April 18th, 2018
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    SB3 | April 18th, 2018
  13. DFW Brutha
    DFW Brutha | April 18th, 2018
  14. Coon-dalini | April 18th, 2018

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