The excessive display of emotion is a weakness. This may be one of the most controversial statements that I’ve ever written in an essay. The free and casual open displays of certain emotions such as Love, Sympathy, Compassion and Pain are perceived as a weakness to the masses of our society, whether justified or not. There’s a time and a place for everything.

Using a sports analogy, when a player exposes his vulnerabilities, he basically advertises the ways in which he can be targeted by present or future opponents. He also loses the confidence of his fellow players, which breaks morale. The same applies to manhood in general. In war, would you confidently follow the General that stoically displayed control or the General that emotionally displayed his fears of battle by openly weeping?

I’m not saying that men shouldn’t cry ever or under any circumstance. Be it when sharing a problem with a friend, an intimate moment with a lover or grieving the loss of someone to death, there is a time and place for everything. The only time I ever remember seeing my father cry was a memorable one. If he cried more than that one occasion, it was behind closed doors. He understood that the public perception of his composure and confidence was integral to his manhood and masculinity.