Okay so I don’t know if I should feel creeped out or in awe at the technology and ingenuity that it took to create this robotic spider.  Yes, this robo spider from Robugtix T8 is cool.  With its matte black finish exoskeleton (3D printed by the way) and it’s cyclops camera eye, it seems like style was just as important as functionality to the creators.

The reason this robotic spider is able to move so freely is because it has 26 tiny motors (3 in each leg and two in the abdomen). The spiderbot is operated with a wireless controller that crawls in any direction you would like.  For around $1500.00 it can be yours but for that price, don’t you think it should be able to shoot webs and climb up walls?

This thing reeks of covert military and espionage usage.  I am sure Pentagon and Skynet eyes are watching.