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CA Podcast #21 – Roundtable: Gay Origin Stories, The Burden of Masculinity, Fem Gay Media Stereotypes 

In this podcast, Ocky Williams and Nick Delmacy join five members of Cypher Avenue to discuss the moments they accepted that they were gay or bisexual, Coming out stories, the lack of black gay/bisexual role models they can relate to, the burden of being masculine gay men and the overwhelming flamboyant stereotypes of gay men in the media.

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Are Masculine Men An Endangered Species? 

I recently watched two YouTube videos made by two different personalities in the black gay community. What Happened To All The Masculine Black Gay Men, featured the Walter Lee Hampton and the other, Are Masculine Gay Men Becoming Extinct featured transgendered Ms. Chanel. Both used “real life” situations or observations to pose their questions in the videos.