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WATCH: Leave or Die 

I’m a huge fan of the reenactment, documentary style, reality, conspiracy theory, ghosts, UFO, supernatural, paranormal, cryptozoology type television shows; I absolutely love’em. One of the more interesting moments I saw once came from an Animal Planet series called The Haunted. In true Animal Planet…

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WATCH: Don’t Move 

This is simply a true short horror film at its best. The premise is simple in that there is a spirit or demon that has manifested and feeds off of those who move. The characters have to be still in order for the demon not to sense where they are located. If the demon senses movements, it’s feeding time. I like the creativity and concept within the short that was directed by Anthony Melton, written by David Scullion with cinematography by Jonny Franklin.


When Scary Pranks Go Too Far! 

I love pranks, especially scary pranks but I think TV shows in Brazil and in Asia take pranks to a whole new level. From Brazil we got the freaky Ghost in the Elevator prank. From Asia we have the hilarious Dinosaur in the Office and the elaborate Sniper prank. The first two are self-explanatory but the sniper prank is a whole new ball game. I guy goes on a pretend interview in an office with large windows…well you can view the rest for yourself below.