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WATCH: 2am The Smiling Man 

What do you get when you ask Reddit users to detail their creepiest or scariest encounters? Subreddit r/LetsNotMeet. For what it’s worth, the moderators of this subreddit require the submissions to be 100% true. I’m assuming if not they delete them or the story gets…


WATCH: Scare Pranks 

Practical jokes, pranks and scares are synonymous with Halloween. We would not be doing our duty without posting a couple to get us laughing. Check out some of our recent favorites. Mortal Kombat – This vid had me cracking up due to the narrator from…

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WATCH: Leave or Die 

I’m a huge fan of the reenactment, documentary style, reality, conspiracy theory, ghosts, UFO, supernatural, paranormal, cryptozoology type television shows; I absolutely love’em. One of the more interesting moments I saw once came from an Animal Planet series called The Haunted. In true Animal Planet…


WATCH: Stay Living 

We’re starting out our Halloween themed month on a whimper. Boost Mobile had a Stay Living campaign last year that was supposed to connect with Gen Y’rs. The campaign Stay Living was to show how Boost Mobile survivors were staying alive and staying connected via…

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WATCH: Don’t Move 

This is simply a true short horror film at its best. The premise is simple in that there is a spirit or demon that has manifested and feeds off of those who move. The characters have to be still in order for the demon not to sense where they are located. If the demon senses movements, it’s feeding time. I like the creativity and concept within the short that was directed by Anthony Melton, written by David Scullion with cinematography by Jonny Franklin.

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WATCH: Mama 

This short inspired the full length feature film of the same name produced by Guillermo del Toro. I was captivated by the cinematography and uneasy suspense presented when the two young girls are standing at the staircase. The creature design and movements of “Mama” are somewhat unique and unsettling. I can understand why this short was picked up and turned into a full length feature film. If you have 3 minutes, set back and enjoy Mama.


Halloween Week: The Scary Snowman 

Getting into the Halloween season, here’s another scary prank video where unsuspecting strangers are scared shitless. In this video the frightening terror is…a Snowman. As stupid as that sounds, the pranksters actually do a great good at terrifying tons of people with this seemingly friendly costume.