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White Heterosexual Content Creators, Create Better Black Gay Characters 

“It makes me feel like white heterosexuals (mostly white men) can tell the story of a masculine black gay man better than black gay content creators can. Is it possible that because of their heterosexuality they are able to tell stories from a more traditional male point of view therefore making the black gay male characters and story lines more masculine”?

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I Get So Weak… 

My own experience dating men has been limited. I will admit having tried to meet guys on websites and even using two popular social apps that sound like an action words. There was no success though I made an earnest attempt. However, when I think about my past relationships there are four men that make me weak.

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Are Masculine Men An Endangered Species? 

I recently watched two YouTube videos made by two different personalities in the black gay community. What Happened To All The Masculine Black Gay Men, featured the Walter Lee Hampton and the other, Are Masculine Gay Men Becoming Extinct featured transgendered Ms. Chanel. Both used “real life” situations or observations to pose their questions in the videos.

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Two Years Later…The Black Gay Bad Boys Still Changing the Game 

This is no big deal to some of you but to us its kind of major because we had NO DESIRE to be gay advocates, representatives or media personalities when we first started blogging. Hell, we still don’t, do be honest. We just saw a void that needed to be filled and stepped up to the challenge. Who knew that some people would feel threatened by that action. But like they say, “you don’t enact change without ruffling a few feathers.”