Hyper masculine rapper The Game was recently interviewed by DJ Vlad and was asked about the taboo topic of Homosexuality in Hip-Hop.The Game discloses that not only does he believe there are closeted gay rappers in the industry but he thinks Gays “run the world”.The best parts of the interview is when he refers to Masculine Discreet Gays as “Man Fans” and then when he [accurately] describes the hidden way masculine gays check him and other men out in public.

The worst part of the interview is when Game (predictably) goes into the same tired stereotype and misconception of “down low” Gay black men being the sole cause of HIV transmission to poor innocent unsuspecting women.

Near the end, Vlad asks Game about the recent Male Prostitution Bust involving blow-job recipient DJ Mister Cee, who was not only Big Daddy Kane’s DJ but he also produced The Notorious B.I.G.’s album Ready To Die.

– Nick D