If you’re a frequent viewer of the website The Root, then you should know that they never miss an opportunity to let viewers know that Black men are trash. Infamously stated “Black Men are the White Men of the Black Community”. Because of their history, I was curious to see how The Root would respond to the remarks from their own political editor and MSNBC contributor Jason Johnson’s comments about Black women who support Bernie Sanders and are apart of the Sanders’ campaign.

While appearing on SiriusXM’s The Karen Hunter Show, Johnson stated, “I do find it fascinating that racist liberal whites seem to love them some Bernie Sanders, consistently, and always have a problem with any person of color who doesn’t want to follow with the orthodoxy of their ‘lord and savior’ Bernie Sanders,”.

Johnson went on to say, “The man cares nothing for intersectionality, and I don’t care how many people from the island of misfit black girls that you throw out to defend you on a regular basis,”.

If Johnson would have spoken about racism and white liberals as it relates to the democratic party as a whole, I’m sure I would’ve echoed many of the presumed sentiments. Yet Johnson (and many NBC/MSNBC news pundits) make it sound as if Bernie supporters got racism on lock.

Following the remarks, MSNBC suspended Johnson who was a main stay on the news network for his political commentary. Johnson of course has since apologized for his opinions.

However what was the reaction from the uber moisturized, dripping with shea butter, the wokest of the woke, repository of the cook-out invitee list, Black Twitter recruiting and caller out of all things ‘misogynoir’, website known as The Root response to Johnson’s comments….muthafuckin crickets. The Root didn’t even cover the Black Twitter response to Johnson’s comments and they LOVE a good Black Twitter draggin hashtag moment but again crickets. Why though?

Then I came to realize there are two groups of Black women The Root will authorize a “Fuck That Black Bitch” hall pass for; Trump supporters and Bernie Sanders supporters.

Just like with MSNBC (who has compared Bernie supporters to Nazis), The Root doesn’t see a difference between Trump supporters and Bernie supporters, which as a Bernie supporter is insulting and offensive as fuck. Whether it’s Candace Owens, Diamond and Silk or Nina Turner, they’re all the same to The Root.

Regardless if they’re running for political office or supporting a particular democratic candidate, white racist liberals exists. What I find interesting is that the Black Delegation was all on board with Kamala Harris attacking Joe Biden during the debates over his support for white supremacist busing policies. Now that the Black Delegation has annotated Biden as the white Obama, if you support another candidate you’re the enemy…misogynoir be damned.

These are the same folk that talk about bringing the democratic party together to defeat Trump. What they really mean is that once you fall in line with their demands and ideals, then you can be welcomed with open arms. Luckily for them I’m not a mythical Bernie Bro who is gonna take his balls and go home when Biden clinches the Democratic nomination.