The Top 6 Ways Shonda Rhimes Can Make SCANDAL Enjoyable for Men

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Oct 2 2013 | 46 Comments  


Full disclosure: I haven’t seen a single episode of Scandal. No, that’s actually not true. I struggled for a few days to get through the pilot episode once the show became popular late last year. After all of the fast talking and flash-editing, I pressed STOP during the opening credits of episode two and decided that life was too short to waste on this prime-time soap opera clearly meant for women.Having said that, my social media timeline STILL gets flooded on Thursday nights with Scandal related comments. So what’s a masculine man like me to do? I’d like to join the party, but the show is unwatchable. Seriously.

With the third season of Scandal airing this week, what better time to make a plea to creator and show runner Shonda Rhimes to mold season three into a more palatable series for us men feeling out-of-the-loop? Here are my 6 ideas to dramatically improve Scandal. Ms Rhimes, these are all free of charge.

In real life, bombs are not cool. In movies and TV shows however, they are fucking awesome. Nothing wakes men up faster than the sound of an explosion. And if you ever want to distract us away from plot holes or lapses in story logic, have something blow up.When men see explosions our attention locks like a deer in headlights. A huge fireball is like fourth of July fireworks for men with above average testosterone. So Shonda Rhimes, if you want to ease the suffering of men being forced to watch Scandal with their significant others, please please please bring on the reign of fire.From what I hear, much of your show already takes place in the White House. Follow the lead of Olympus Has Fallen and White Hose Down and blow it up, ASAP!
As the last five “James Bond” and “Fast and the Furious” sequels have shown us, men love powerful cars that make tons of noise and go vroom-vroom real very fast go…Did you see what just happened? Even just thinking about these awesome vehicles, my hyper-masculine brain caused my vocabulary to devolve into monosyllabic words.So here’s a thought: Olivia Pope comes back in Season Three as this bad ass car nut who moves her business into a mechanic’s garage shared by bad-ass Tokyo drifting Asian Americans. Bonus: They also share the space with tattooed Midwest methamphetamine manufacturers, bringing in the drug dealing story angle that us men love so much. Last but not least, the Columbus Short character starts running guns to Mexican cartels on the side. The teleplays literally write themselves.

 Can a brother get a fight scene instead of never ending fast-paced dialogue? Seriously, if the President of the United States was also a Mixed Martial Artist, I would watch this show religiously. I would throw my own Scandal viewing parties and everything.An Ass kicking President is much more interesting and realistic than a married President having an affair in the Oval Office with a beautiful high profile private investigator. If you do take this note, Ms. Rhimes, please have a scene where the President has to fight North Korean mafia henchmen, rips off his shirt and reveals bad-ass prison tattoos covering his arms and chest.

 Oh sure, Shonda Rhimes, Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope is a tough female character…but compared to some others, she’s Mother Teresa. This show needs a bad ass boss chick.Take Salma Hayek’s gangsta ass character Elena “La Reina” Sanchez in Oliver Stone’s Savages. Not only does she run a drug empire, she has people tortured, kidnapped and murdered all at a moment’s whim.Then there’s Lena Headey’s character in the new Dredd film named “Ma-Ma.” She destroys an entire housing project killing dozens of people all to catch a couple cops. Gangstaaaaaaaaaaa!
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  1. Sonny LouBang | July 24th, 2013

    ROTFF…sharing this every where…lmao

  2. Ben | July 24th, 2013

    LOL!! This would turn the show into 24:Black featuring Jackie Bauer (aka Kerry Washington). Scandal is that work brotha, I can’t even front on it.

  3. DBarr | July 24th, 2013

    I get your points, but I just don’t think any of that will fly. The show moves at a fast pace, but that’s what makes it interesting. I know masculine men who love the show just as much as women. Point #5 has already been done (Netflix Series “House of Cards”). It’s a nice change but still the same effect (in my opinion). I think many people don’t like it because you have to be fully engaged in it to get, sometimes see it twice (I’ve noticed that I get some things when I re-watched the older episodes with folk just starting out or trying to catch up). I think it’s brilliant. Her writers are on point.

    • Anthony Davis | July 24th, 2013

      So agreed DBarr because many detractors of the series don’t get it or don’t understand all the hoopla but you have to be fully engaged or watch the show to see what it is all about.I am a big fan of ” True Blood ” and some people couldn’t understand the liking of this series either.

  4. D.W. | July 24th, 2013

    LOL Nick this is funny, but u def can be a lil mannish at times.

    I like explosions, guns, drugs, and cars just as much as the next man, but i like it cause it evokes suspense and it great writing. Granted I never seen an episode from season 1 so I do not know what they are like, but i do like dramas as well. I do not what is it that you do not like?

  5. Anthony Davis | July 24th, 2013

    I am a masculine gay dude who is very much into the series just the way that it is.I know plenty of masculine straight dudes who live for the series.We engage in a weekly thread every Thursday night on Facebook when the show is on. I am a big fan of Netflix ” House Of Cards” and this is another well written series that taps into all the scandal and drama that is Washington politics.AlthoughI get your point but I guess that’s why you had those other shows like ” 24″ because they gave you all the elements that you are looking for.

  6. Nick Delmacy | July 24th, 2013

    Breaking Bad, Sons of Anarchy, The Wire, 24, The Shield, Oz, The Sopranos…I like my television series with a heaping helping of testosterone, not estrogen.

    • Ben | July 24th, 2013

      All of those aforementioned shows delivered high amounts of drama, which is what makes a good series. As a writer I appreciate Shonda’s hand. The sistah can write. If it’s not your thing that’s cool. Variety is the spice of life.

  7. DC | July 24th, 2013

    I think some of your points make sense, however I must concur away from some of them. A story of someone who is up and coming (which you touched on in point #6) is great. However, what I’ve noticed in modern television is that people no care about the struggle and solely want the glitz and glamour, and this is also an element seen in music as well. No one’s rapping about being from the hood, nor are pop stars talking about overcoming adversity. Instead rappers rap about popping bottles and pop stars about finding love in a club. And I’m contesting those elements because its just a modern representation of our world.

    I think the show has alot of interesting elements from what I’ve seen, which was an episode a while back (and it was the only episode I watched). However having a female lead in a show is somewhat tiring which I agree, but it seems I think that hollywood thinks that Men are only one dimensional and women and more multi-dimensional, which is why I think they are given the roles of the leads in many shows. And although they may have a male lead playing against them, the show is usually predominantly about the female lead.

    On monday I watched this reality show on Bravo called Million Dollar Listing New York. Although it’s a reality show and not a scripted series, I love the fact that bravo has about 5 shows (at least) that are solely focused on just men, it’s an interesting take. And as a gay man, its more than obvious to me how multidimensional not only gay men, but men in general can be. I do feel we are constantly seeing men in the same usual roles. Although most men do like shows that have more action in it, I prefer a little of both, which are the soap opera elements and a movie type like action to a show. I like the balance, because if it has too much action for me, I feel it’s going to fast and not telling a story. However, if it is too soapy, then I feel the storylines are either too focused on romance or not going fast enough or lack some type of action, so balance to me is always a good thing.

    • Tuc4you | July 24th, 2013

      Are you kidding me with this comment? Take a poll of most nighttime series and the MAJORITY of them feature Male leads. And then find me another Black Female lead – don’t worry, I will wait…And when I say LEAD, I mean just that, not part of an ensemble cast where they happen to appear in ALL episodes. Kerry Washington is a banging sista who deserves all the hype she is getting for this role, and big ups to Shonda Rimes for having the ‘balls’ to write it, create it, and produce it!

      • DC | July 24th, 2013

        I dont disagree with your statement. Cause now looking back at it, you are correct, I dont watch many fictional dramas, so I was basing my comments off only what I had seen. I think the only other show (That I know of) that is a ficitonal drama and that has a female lead is Taraji P. Henson on “Person of Interest”. I personally always thought of Kerry Washington as a dynamic actress ever since I saw her on “For Colored Girls”. And that one episode of Scandal (which is the only episode I saw) where the president’s wife blasted the affair that Kerry Washington’s character was having with the presidents, was enough to get me hooked. and when I was referring to the “majority of female leads”, I was more so referring to all races black and white alike. I sometimes keep forgetting on this site, that most of these these articles are coming from an african american masculine gay man point of view, which is what distinguishes this site from the rest. But I think Kerry Washington is pretty top notch as an Actress and I definitely believe this role will create more platforms for her, so it’s a start to maybe getting more African-Americans (both women and possibly men into the door as being the protagonists for many of these new up and coming shows)

    • Ocky | July 24th, 2013

      I can agree with some of your points but I do think a correction is needed.

      White gay men on Bravo are multidimensional and are displayed as intelligent, professional and somewhat masculine.

      Bravo does not display black gay men this way. We are caricatures on Bravo.

      • DC | July 24th, 2013

        Well when I last saw Million Dollar Listing, they now have a Hispanic man on their cast, He’s not gay nor African American, but he is a man of color in some degree. I think the idea of having a character that are African American Males that are gay is something that is not too far away to come. I also think for one that it might have to do with casting and what the writers and casting agents might deem comfortable for what’s to be seen on Television.

        I mean in most of the gay series shown on Television, we rarely see an African American main character, many of them in the past were Caucasian. I think for one when trying to cast for maybe a masculine gay man, maybe some actors weren’t comfortable portraying that on television or whatever (I could be wrong), but I also think that for those casting agents, it could be possible when they think of an out and successful gay men that doesn’t wear pumps or stillettos (nothing wrong with that), the idea of that being a black man, probably more than likely doesn’t come to mind.

        I mean most “masculine” black men are associated with being on the down-low and all the things that follow that. For example, When one of my friends had an online dating site profile and I saw the various profiles that said “Be discreet”, it rubbed me the wrong way, and I remember saying to my friend, “Are those people down low”, because when I saw those from the profiles, that word since has always had a negative connotation for me. And maybe some of those guys just simply didn’t want to be outed, so it may not have meant they were necessary down-low, because most people fail to realize the difference of not being out and down low. But once I found this site, I fell in love with it, but the name not so much, so I’m glad you guys are changing the name. Because with masculine gay men being associated with the word discreet; it almost suggests to me they’re doing everything in the power to try to hide their sexuality (which I understand, but that word discreet has a negative connotation for me.) I mean granted I’m not getting a megaphone and blasting out my sexuality, but that’s just for professional reasons, cause I could care less what other people think, except when it comes to business, and also for my safety as well, one can’t be naive to how this world is. If one assumes, then they assume, but that’s different to if they know.

        I do think we may have a time where we will see a gay man of color on a scripted television series, where their sexuality is just a subtext to their lives, it’s just going to take some time, we are seeing more and more representations of gay men on television in different ways. (Now they may not always be gay men of color, but it still shows our evolutions in some degree). There might not be large representations of “masculine” gay men of color on television, but to be honest, I’ve never heavily focused on race to be honest. But I understand your concerns. You know logo had a reality show from some time ago about an out Basketball team in Chicago, I think the show was called “shirts and skins”, I don’t know if you would define those guys as masculine enough for you, but I think it’s worth a watch.

  8. Big Redd | July 24th, 2013

    I guess you guys didn’t like “The West Wing” when it was on either. Just because its listed as a drama, doesn’t make less appealing to a masculine audience. Shonda Rhimes is a prolific and uber talented writer & producer, as evidenced by her long running hits “Grey’s Anatomy” & “Private Practice”. “Scandal” is a smart and provacative multi-layered drama riddled with suspense, powerful characters, (even spies & assassins), there’s murder, sex & intrigue. All set against the backdrop of our Nation’s Capitol with all of the mystery and “soap opera-ish behavior that goes on in real life DC with a little artistic licence.

    • Ocky | July 24th, 2013

      Many men don’t like drama / soap operas. There is nothing wrong with that I wouldn’t think??

      Just as I am tired of seeing the same DL black gay stereotypes on screen, I am also tired of seeing stereotypical black women on screen.

      Yes…Kerry Washington’s character is stereotypical because she is a side piece sleeping with a married man. As educated, intelligent and savvy as her character is, the only man she can get belongs to someone else. Funny how all the fans and champions of this show overlook this sinful abomination (speaking in biblical terms).

      Side Note…I didn’t look at The West Wing, Greys Anatomy & Private Practice not only because they were dramas but also due to the lack of black / ethnic men on the shows. Yes I know they had their occasional tokens.

      That doesn’t mean I thought the shows were bad or poorly written…as a masculine black man, there were just not my thing. I think it’s safe to say, everything is not for everybody…masculine or not right?

  9. Anthony Davis | July 24th, 2013

    You know kind of seguing off this subject a bit but I would love to see a show introduce a character as a strong gay black male lead.Not that I am opposed to interracial dating but I would love to see that character in a relationship with another strong masculine black male showing us what our relationships can look like and that they can work.The images that we have often seen depicted us ourselves don’t tell the true story because we are always only given one version and not the other side that exists.The DL Chronicles has done a very good job in helping to change this perception but those stories are still being told through the lens of those who are still living their lives on the DL.

  10. Kendall | July 24th, 2013

    LMAO!!!! That first picture!!! hahaha!!

    you might want to start watching, Nick. some of the things you suggested..they’ve actually happened.

    1)explosions – there’s a character named Hollis Doyle who blew up an entire company – Cytron. you don’t get to actually SEE it get blown up, but you do get to see:
    -a chick cut off her own ear in a fake ransom plot
    -dudes/chicks getting tortured with drills and knives
    -random people’s bodies snuffed out by assassins

    2)weapons? scandal’s got em. there’s this subplot on the show called B16 and folks in that secret group STAY STRAPPED. i’m talking…old white ladies, homemakers, professors, etc. they’re all actually trained killers…all carrying at least 3 guns/weapons at one time

    3)an mma trained prez? the prez is a bitch – yup, i said it! but he DID snuff out a supreme court justice while she was on life support. that’s gangsta, right? lol

    4)there was this one gangster/assassin chick on there that played THE FUCK out of Huck (yea, i rhyme)! she hit it and then killed his entire family – dog included! gangster, no?

    5) olivia IS a man! lol. kidding.

    seriously, none of this sounds interesting to you? haha!
    just try to ignore all the soap opera dramatics and i promise you’ll see some stuff that you actually like.

    don’t worry, it won’t make you less masculine…*grabs nuts

  11. Will | July 24th, 2013

    My Facebook timeline is constantly flooded with my straight male friends discussing Scandal. Shonda Rhimes has done a pretty good job at capturing a male audience. They could tone down on the annoying soap opera like presidential love affairs though, so I see your point.

  12. Hannibal | July 24th, 2013

    I think what a lot of people are missing is that there’s a very specific tv formula that has to be followed for most shows to be successful to catch certain demographics. I don’t even know where to start lol.

    1. A large number of action shows starring women have had a tremendous male following. Alias, Buffy, Nikita…you can go all the way back to Charlies Angels if you want to. Men like looking at hot women and women like looking at strong women, so it’s a win for a network.

    2. demographics. If Olivia Pope was white and the president was black this should would be dead on arrival. black women would run from it and white men would run from it and that would just leave white women who don’t make up enough of an audience.

    3. As far as gay black males on tv. Masculine black gay males seem to be popular on scripted shows( LA Complex, 6 Feet under, The Wire, Oz(I think) ) but they aren’t represented too often on reality tv. I think there’s a good reason for that. Most black gay men that trumpet their masculinity are usually in the closet and therefore not going to be paraded around on reality television. I think this is a fault of the community moreso than the networks.

    4. Network shows helmed by black men just typically don’t perform well. Kevin Hill, Undercovers, Last Resort come to mind and they were all pretty much dead on arrival. Why would a network keep making something that has a history of not working?

    Just my thoughts on the subject.

    • DC | July 24th, 2013

      I feel you are dead on! So much truth to what you are saying! Very true, because although it would be great to see more representations of gay black men on television, it’s probably not occurring in frequency because its a formula that probably isn’t working (in terms of rating) in my opinion the only GLBT oriented shows that have found a huge garned success is the Modern day Rupaul’s Drag Race and Will & Grace. And sometimes I wonder if there were another show out there about an African-American gay male, would it even be successful, I feel that’s a risk that many screenwriters are not willing to take.

      I mean even if you look at LOGO, they have trimmed a majority of their LGBT programming, because from a statement released from the networks, they basically said that from their own research and findings many people don’t focus so much on sexuality like they use to when it comes to watching television (which is a shame, because LOGO had some really good shows), but the way I see it, Rupaul is the only thing keeping that network afloat.

      So I agree with you 100%, its not so much the screenwriters don’t want to go with that format (because who would want to create a new dynamic show that’s nothing anyone’s ever seen before), it’s just the question of whether or not it will be successful and carry on is something that could remain to be seen. For example the show “The new normal” got cancelled by NBC, which to me was a huge surprise because this was the same network that garnered the 8 year success that was Will & Grace (and in my opinion besides the shows on UPN, it was one of the best comedy shows of it’s time and it delivered every episode in my opinion). So thanks for this new perspective youre bringing on here, your giving probably many on here something to think about

      • Hannibal | July 24th, 2013

        I was really shocked and dismayed when the New Normal was cancelled. Not because I was a fan of the show, but because if a show about white gays created by the guy who did Glee couldn’t work…what hope does a show on network tv centered around black gays have? and by network, I don’t mean LOGO and BET, but the big 4. At the end of the day the onus is on black gay males to support what they want to see. I know everyone loved Kaldrick King, but how many of them watched the show versus the youtube clips?

    • Joshy | July 24th, 2013

      You hit the nail on the head! .. There’s a formula set for EACH TYPE OF GENRE that comes on t.v in order for it to be successful You can even look at Hawthorne (had a successful first season) which seems like a mix of Scandal and Greys Anatomy now that I look back on it.It was centered around a strong black female who was into interracial love affairs and was a “she-ro” for the characters. If it had better writers and possibly moved to another network, that show would still be on the air today.

      • DC | July 24th, 2013

        @Hannibal, your absolutely right, what hope does an african american gay male lead have if the “new normal” got cancelled. But maybe the execs at LOGO were on to something when they stated how no one focuses so much on sexuality anymore. Like today I was watching Days of our Lives, who has two gay male characters on, and one thing I’ve noticed with the past episodes for the characters this week, their sexuality has been nothing but a subtext to their lives! Which is something I love. Because gay people’s only issues aren’t just coming out or trying to get legal rights, they cry, cheat, betray, love some have addictions or whatever like everyone else. Now when it comes to the Big 4, they seem to be way too focused on the gimmicks and what name they bring onto their shows as opposed to what they are writing and producing (just my opinion though) And to be honest, if I would’ve known about Kaldrick King’s character on LA Complex, I “probably” would’ve watched. The reason why I said “probably” is because I don’t just watch a show because they have gay characters on it. And to be honest from what I saw of the “youtube clips” of the romance on LA complex, I wasn’t impressed. I didn’t feel a connection to watch the characters at all any further. I know here on Discreet City, they’ve been praising those characters left and right, because they were masculine and black etc etc. But to me, I didn’t get masculine from those characters, instead they seemed more thuggish to me be honest and rough around the edges. (And in my opinion, I feel that sometimes the folks here on discreet city only deem those who seem thuggish as being masculine or those who seem super duper rough, once again just my opinion). For example for the way they write for the gay characters on days of our lives, what I like is that the writers give those characters enough material and backstory outside of their sexualities for us to be invested in them (I’m not saying LA complex didn’t do that, it’s just an observation I see with most shows). And maybe some people didn’t support LA complex, but then again we have to enjoy and/or like what we support, its that simple. I don’t care if the characters are black or orange, if I’m not invested in the characters or writing, I’m not watching.

        @Joshy- I agree, I always felt the issue with Hawthorne was that it was not on abc, cbs, nbc or fox. Because while USA pulls in decent ratings for it’s program, a show like that could’ve garnered a better chance on of the big 4 networks to be honest.

  13. Millen | July 24th, 2013

    I…never watched an episode, but…I do know what the show is about. In regards to the suggestions, I’ll say that if they put a nice 67′ Shelby in that show as the staple car for Kerry, I won’t care if the lead role is played by an old lady, I’ll watch EVERY, SINGLE, EPISODE! Otherwise, it’s nice, but I’m on other stuff…

  14. JamaicanBigLove | July 24th, 2013

    Ditto everything kendall said. The show already has all of that. Scandal is awesome. It has all the elements of a complex human being. on the matter of more representation of gay men, I think writers and networks can do a better job than what is happying right now. We need to also support shows that help the “cause”. I love the LA Complex and sad that it has gone.

  15. DS | July 24th, 2013

    Hey Nick I was watching the clips of the making of fast and the furious 6 and I instantly thought about this article that you wrote being that you like movies with the above stated components. You ready to watch that movie??! I can’t wait to watch it, looks like it will have a lot of action.

    • Nick Delmacy | July 24th, 2013

      I an BEYOND excited to see Fast and Furious 6…I hardly even remember the plots to the other movies but I know I still like them, lol

  16. Black Pegasus | July 24th, 2013


    Over 30 comments on “Scandal?”.

    You niggas ghey!

  17. amontillado | July 24th, 2013

    My boyfriend’s into this show- not so much the soap opera side, but he loves the procedural aspect. Although, this is a dude who watches Pretty Little Liars and Grey’s Anatomy, so maybe he’s not the best straight and manly example.

  18. thinker | July 24th, 2013

    I watch the show as well and I can tell you that all of the subplots with spying, hacking, and watch someone take a drill to someone keeps me engaged. It also helps that I can see Columbus Short’s phatty in those tight suit pants from time to time. ha!

  19. Nick Delmacy | July 24th, 2013

    I find it funny that so many of you men are in denial. Just accept that you are watching a show meant for women…Its okay…Many women watch shows/movies meant for men with no qualms. Most of you probably watch the reality shows too, or Single Ladies, or Tyler Perry movies, etc…Me on the other hand, I have too much testosterone, my eyes glaze over watching that stuff.

  20. Cam | July 24th, 2013

    I tried to get into Scandal, but I fell off.

    I like the “problem-solving” aspect of the show. Like Law & Order and NCIS. What I don’t like is when TV shows get too involved in the characters’ romantic lives. I really don’t care who is fucking who, whether they are gay straight black or white. That’s where Scandal gets annoying.

    I loved House of Cards. I liked the West Wing. Scandal is a drama with heavy romantic elements I could do without. But that’s how Shonda Rhines is. Her other shows are like that. Its refreshing to see a black woman writing and running the show, her shows don’t capture me.

    I don’t need guns and drugs and explosions just one where the romance doesn’t overshadow everything.

  21. acessential
    acessential | October 4th, 2013

    The soap opeary presidential affair shit gets annoying, but it’s a well written and well acted show. I like it. I’m laughing at these niggas that talk about how “unmanly” this show is but know enough about it to write these negative posts about it on different sites. Sit down! If you really felt that way, you wouldn’t even be commenting on it.

  22. GeePee
    GeePee | October 4th, 2013

    I use to have the same views about scandal that Nick and Ocky did because I don’t like shows that are straight drama but after I saw that straight guys watch the show too I checked it out and got hooked.

    • acessential
      acessential | October 4th, 2013

      That’s real. I feel like straight dudes and a lot of masculine gay dudes fall into two extremes. They either bash the show and everyone who watches it for being unmanly or they finally decide to watch it, like it, and say F everyone else. My FB newsfeed is filled with both.

  23. Welke | October 5th, 2013

    I love this site and dont takes this wrong and maybe you are being sarcastic. Sorry if I missed the sarcasm. But this post is a little ignorant. I would advise you to actually watch the show. Well rounded men and even “masculine”men like you should be able to enjoy more than just explosions and fights. This is far from just a prime time soap. And if you watched the show you would have seen gun fights, assassination attempts, and torture scenes since thats the stuff you like. Other than that its a fun fast paced show.

  24. Jeremy | October 5th, 2013

    Hmmm, not so sure about this. It appears as if you are assuming that masculine men like all of the things you mentioned. These things would actually destroy the show. Its not safe to assume that all masculine men enjoy explosions and bad boss bitches. That’s so hetero normative.

    • Cyrus-Brooks
      Cyrus Brooks | October 20th, 2013

      I love explosions, car chases, gunplay and gunfire, muscle cars, crazy stunts. That said I find “Scandal” to be boring. I attribute that to my ADHD.

  25. Deacon
    Deacon CJ | October 6th, 2013

    Nick I couldn’t disagree with you more…..what other show has a president that committed murder, a chief of staff that almost assassinated his own lover, a high level CIA officer request a sex tape of his own daughter, a supreme court justice try to assassinate the president of the united states who along with the first lady a shady oil tycoon the chief of staff and Olivia Pope stole the election that put him in power, a ex CIA operative with on the verge of a mental breakdown that will kill for his boss at the drop of a dime, what show do you know of has all that and more. The quick pace dialogue, fast past scenes, the great writing, fantastic acting, Columbus Short, again Columbus Short, makes Scandal won of the best shows on TV, all that stuff you mentioned are for shows that lack the talent needed to stay on the air.

  26. Ocky Williams | October 8th, 2013


    This is funny. I may have used this analogy before but I saw an Old Spice commercial basically telling me that if I didn’t use their products I was not a man. I don’t use Old Spice nor was I offended to the point of writing them an email advising how I was offended. Guess what? I am still a masculine gay man.

    Looking at the giant bobble heads in the beginning pic of this article; my mind was automatically positioned to take this article as jokes and sarcasm from the point of view Nick Delmacy @nick.

    My partner who is a masculine gay man enjoys and watched Scandal and didn’t feel his manhood was in a questionable state after reading this article. He laughed shock his head and kept it moving. Nick and I have clowned each other plenty of times about some of the “gay” shit that we have watched on TV, websites we have visited or music we have listened to.

    We can all light’n up a lil bit cant we?

    • Ocky Williams | October 10th, 2013

      BTW the top pic of the bobble heads is funny as hell. HA!

    • 850famuman
      850famuman | October 11th, 2013

      LOL..that is what he get for messing with #teamgladiator! I think most people know how to leave these generally horrible reality shows, Havs & Hav Nots, and Scandal at what they are: entertainment. I have a former military female friend who cannot get into Scandal at all as she deems it all too unrealistic, contrived and far fetched. Thats her. I’m an unapologetic tv, music, and movie-head and I personally enjoy Scandal and took nothing he posted as a challenge to anyone’s manhood. #differentstrokesfordifferentfolks

  27. luxuriousblu
    Luxurious Blu | October 18th, 2013

    I initially read this post and was annoyed by it. I was thinking, if he’s serious about these suggestions, and Shonda applied some of these, then it’d fuck up the show. Then I just took it as a comedic way to express distaste for the show.
    A while after my friend told me I should watch Ray Donovan. She and her fiance love it and when she told me the premise of the show the first thing I thought about was this post. Ray Donovan, to me, is what this post was asking of Scandal. It’s got the male lead, the guns, some drugs, maybe no mixed martial arts, but some serious kick-ass fighting, a bad ass chick, interesting story lines, drama and well produced. To me it’s like elements of The Sopranos mixed with elements of Scandal (no fast-talking).
    If you haven’t watched it yet I really think you should check it out. I didn’t plan on watching it from the trailer ads (like I did with Scandal, which I initially watched because of Kerry Washington in the lead of a show that looked interesting), but after my friend said how much she and her fiance have a standing appointment with it I had to check it out and see how good it was. Especially since the lead is a fixer. Its the second Showtime show, the first being Homeland, that someone told me to check out that was really good, which I didn’t initially plan on watching, and I’m loving.
    I feel like Ray Donovan is the macho man’s answer to Scandal.

  28. luxuriousblu
    Luxurious Blu | October 18th, 2013

    @nick You should definitely consider taking these ideas and creating a your own TV series or novel. If it’ll be too much for you to do on your own team up with a fiction writer and make it happen. With these ideas together in a well written story; I’d watch as a series or read the book.

  29. Cyrus-Brooks
    Cyrus Brooks | October 20th, 2013

    I got a kick outta your suggestions for making “Scandal” watchable for men. I tried watching it to see what all the hype is about. I can’t get through an episode without getting bored and turning on something else. I find “House of Cards” a much more watchable DC focused political drama.

  30. chingy | January 6th, 2014

    Guys Scandal would be great with more bombs but its still the shit. Shonda mother fucking Rhimes has us on the edge of our seats. CIA B613, rigged elections and Kerry Washington is one masculine woman.

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