BannerLook closely at the car your viewing.  At first glance you may be saying to yourself, “wow that’s a hot Lamborghini”.  If you look even closer you’ll see that it is not at all Lamborghini, but a Rezvani Beast.  Rezvani is a new automobile start up that is promising to turn the uber pricey Supercar world on its ear. The car is already shaking up the automotive press world and is promising to give everything from the Corvette Stingray to the Bugatti and everything in between a real headache.

Ariel Atom

British Ariel AtomStarting life as the lightweight British Ariel Atom, it has huge tires, a very strong (yet very lightweight) chassis and is covered with high-strength aluminum and carbon fiber. The car then goes to Rezvani Motors in California, USA.  It undergoes a startling change that promises even more excitement to its already pure driving experience. Larger 19’ tires are added, along with a six speed manual transmission and an inline four engine. The engine can be supercharged or turbocharged depending on if a 300 Class is selected or the 500 Class is selected. The 300 class of the Rezvani Beast is a 2.0 in-line four-cylinder turbocharged to 300 hp. The 500 class is a 2.4 L in-line four-cylinder that is supercharged and kicks out 500 hp.

A Beast to notably be afraid of…

Both cars are rear-wheel drive with the 300 class weighing only 1470 pounds and the 500 weighing only 1550 pounds.  Combined with what’s under the hood, the Beast will have the option of coming with a removable windshield.  I believe that will be a difficult task to pull off due to America’s strict guidelines for cars. If you do remove the windshield, remember to have a helmet with you. Otherwise the bugs will quickly be attracted to your smiling face as the air from outside loosens up your jowls and leaves you looking like a bloodhound smiling in the wind. Rezvani has also stated that in its purest form, the Beast doesn’t have hinged doors. They want the driver to climb into the seat like a pilot getting into a fighter jet.

As it stands right now, the Rezvani Beast is said to have a starting price of $99,000 for the 300 class and $119,000 for the 500 class.  That is until they run out of the first ones developed, (which should not be that long).  After that the sales price will go up to $124,900 for the 300 and $139,000 for the 500…Damn talk about inflation! If you have already purchased an Ariel Atom, Rezvani will transform your Atom into a 300 for the mere price of $49,000 or for $69,000 they will turn it into a 500 for you.

Based on everything I’ve seen from its open ports used to cool the brakes, front ports to cool the engine, brake upgrades, large tires, slim lights (fore an aft) and the fact that this damn thing is just sexy all over; I don’t think they have a problem selling out in the first year at all. I’m sure designer Samir Sadikhov is pleased with his Frankenstein creation and has got to be smiling from ear to ear. I think this is a beautiful car that was released with fantastic timing from a great new start-up company.  Rezvani that’s what’s up! 

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