Interracial Couple #5: Don Lemon and Ben Tinker

Together since 2007, CNN anchor Don Lemon and CNN producer Ben Tinker have been a couple longer than some of their black homosexual detractors have even admitted to themselves that they were gay (some of them STILL are conflicted bitter closet cases, believe it or not).


Black Couple #9: Lewis Duckett and Billy Jones

Speaking of being together for a long time, this couple maintained a 46 year relationship before having the opportunity to marry in late 2013. They’re grandfathers who’ve been together since the days of the Vietnam War. Given the times, they had to write letters to each other in code so that they wouldn’t be outed.



Black Couple #10: Eugene Barry-Hill and Timothy Ware

This married Broadway acting couple met 10 years ago while touring on a show and haven’t turned back since. Their combined credits include The Lion King, The Full Monty and the currently running production, Kinky Boots (based on the cross-dressing Chiwetel Ejiofor film of the same name).


Interracial Couple #6: Darren Young and Nick Villa

Wrestler Darren Young made waves in the WWE when he unexpectedly (yet casually) told a TMZ reporter that he was gay. Since then he’s interviewed with People Magazine and others, revealing his longtime partner Nick Villa to the fans.


Black Couple #11: Larry Carter and Antoine Nolan Carter

This Atlanta based couple sent shock-waves throughout Black Twitter when they got married late last year. Their wedding video has nearly 100,000 views and their trip to DC to get officially married was even featured on the local news. Larry Carter has since gone on to star in the web series The Boyz Next Door where his husband makes occasional cameos.



Black Couple #12: Antonio Douthit-Boyd and Kirven Douthit-Boyd

Married in June of 2013, this Alvin Ailey dance couple has been together for eight years. Their wedding and lifelong union was covered in multiple major media outlets including The Grio, The NY Post and The Miami Herald. They made history on that day becoming the first actively dancing Alvin Ailey corps members to marry each other.


Interracial Couple #7: Frank Ocean and Willy Cartier

To be honest, we really can’t count this one because 1) Frank Ocean never confirmed that he was dating the French-Vietnamese model Willy Cartier… 2) We don’t even know if Willy Cartier is gay or even bisexual… 3) Many gossip blogs are reporting that this unconfirmed relationship is now over.


So instead of this couple, let’s go with a more solid choice out of fairness.

Interracial Couple #7 Part Two: Lee Daniels and Jahil Fisher (not pictured)

Daniels and boyfriend Jahil Fisher make no secret about their relationship. Daniels has even gone on record that the couple occasionally has outdoor sex on private beaches.


Black Couple #13: Karamo Brown and Tre Thomas

Real World: Philadelphia alum Karamo Brown is a father of two and television host of #OwnShow on Oprah’s OWN network. He’s also engaged to be married to friend Tre Thomas in 2015.


Black Couple #14: Tshepo Cameron Modisane and Thoba Calvin Sithole

These 27-year olds were married in the town of KwaDukuza in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa in what has been called Africa’s first traditional gay marriage. The news of this event hit media outlets all over the world with the South African news report of their wedding gaining nearly 700,000 views on YouTube.


There you have it…this list could go on but as you see there are PLENTY of examples of black-on-black couples in the media. Not all of the examples of black relationships feature pro athletes or Grammy nominated singers, but considering that NO white gay male relationships fit that limited criteria either, can you blame us?

If black gay men STILL cry about an imbalance or lack of representation of “black love” after seeing this list, you know that deep down they are likely bitter bigots who just prefer black gay men to “stick to their own kind.” This is what racist white men said before the Loving v. Virginia Supreme Court case invalidated laws prohibiting interracial marriage.

Love is love, regardless of color.

They say that only 10% of the population is gay…of African Americans, only 4% of that group actually identify as gay.

So this means that I’m a black gay man dating in a shallow black dating pool, unlike my heterosexual counterparts.

Given that, why would I limit my options if I didn’t have racial hangups? I should remain single and ‘stick to my own kind’ just for the benefit of outraged strangers?

The 14 black gay couples listed found love in men of the same race…the other 7 found love in men of different races.

Do the math, that’s 21 openly gay couples that are in love, many of which are married or engaged to be married.

That can be nothing but a positive thing in my eyes.