This is a no-brainier….Its one thing to be a liberal or progressive but if he’s constantly sharing Huffington Post links about the latest celebrity that offended GLAAD, incidences of gay bashing or his appreciation of President Obama’s stance on Gay Marriage, he likes the Cock too so get his number.Don’t get me wrong, this isn’t a bad thing…we need more awareness of equality issues. But if you’re still wondering which team he plays for, you can write his name into the Roster for Team Gay/Bisexual…confidently write it in ink as well!

All gay/bisexual men are narcissistic and superficial…But it takes a special kind of vanity to ONLY post photos of yourself. Instagram is a photo sharing smartphone app used by many to share pictures of interesting things you see throughout your day. If the most interesting thing your Facebook friend seems to see daily is himself and his features, his body…He likes cock.Prime giveaways are the guys who take the “just waking up” photos where they’re laying on a pillow, giving sexy-eyes into the cell phone camera…The “about to eat dinner” photos where instead of showing us the meal, we see a photo of himself biting his lip…The “this one is for the ladies” photos where we see him shirtless with his underwear exposed in a mirror (just for show he sometimes pretends to take offense if a men “like” the photo on Facebook, in actuality he wants the attention).

This is all “Gay Diva” behavior typically reserved to younger men since as the metabolism slows and aging takes affect, they become more insecure about their image. He’s an XTube account candidate as well so chances are you might find him on there of you have the time to search.

As much as I love the handful of men that have clicked “Like” on the DISCREET CITY Facebook page…they’re Gay for doing so…But on a larger note, this applies to a lot of things that would be considered indications for sexual orientation.Certain Facebook pages of openly Gay entertainers can be giveaways, Gay party promoters, Gay radio hosts, Gay rappers, Gay TV shows & movies…all of those “Likes” combined can tell you all you need to know about the person, no matter how discreet they are.

Dead Giveaway: If a “straight” man ‘Likes’ 3 or more female R&B singer Facebook pages, he’s Gay…

Beyonce + Rihanna + Mary J Blige Facebook Page Likes = He likes Cock, get his number.

This is one of the best indicators of all…If you have a lot of Facebook friends that you KNOW are Discreetly Gay as well and you discover that he’s got a LOT of the SAME friends…He likes cock, get his number. This especially applies if those mutual friends are Gay celebs, Male Models and/or Gay party promoters.Whatever town you live in, its not THAT small in which a straight man would have the same 12-20 gay friends as you. I’ll admit that some guys are just popular, they accept every friend request they get regardless of if they know them or not…But this the exception to the rule that really only applies to men that are near or over the 5,000 friend capacity that Facebook utilizes. If he only has 400-600 friends and 12-20 of them are mutual Gay friends…you know the rest…

I see this all the time…guys come off very discreet/reclusive on Facebook they but let it all hang loose on Twitter. They create pornographic Twitter names like @BreedMeRawDaddy1988 and @TheCock_E_Monster92 (the connective trend being they’re all born in late 80’s or early 90’s)…Their profile avatars are oiled up headless torsos or explicit dick & ass shots…The ones that do show their faces reveal the feminine freedom of men not having to worry about “keeping it together” for their family, college friends and co-workers on Facebook…

They tweet explicitly pornographic and/or womanly things that they would NEVER say on Facebook…their Twitter accounts don’t even link to their real names or Facebook personalities at all. They literally live two separate realities.

So imagine our surprise when these anonymous headless torsos hypocritically argue with us on Twitter about how our website is hurting the Gay community.

If Frank Ocean taught us anything its that out of those two “Best Friends” that you see hanging out with each other EVERY DAY, one of them likes Cock. This is doubled when it comes to Facebook. If you constantly see them in photos together, tagging each other in status updates and going to Events and on trips out of town together…they BOTH like the Cock and are likely a Discreet Gay Couple.Its a beautiful thing actually…Its what many Masculine Discreet Gay Men want: A relationship with a “best friend” who also carries himself as a man in a way that allows them both to live their life openly without blatantly broadcasting their sexuality to the world. So when I see this, I do admire it…

Even if you start to doubt that they are actually a couple, remember the Friends with Exes bullshit that Gay men seem to love, so its likely that they have at least masturbated together at one point, then became “Besties.”

There you have it young discreet masculine men, more tools in your quest to find A-alikes out there. However, I’m sure that I’ve pissed off some guys by causing them to rush to their Facebook pages and make some adjustments to avoid red flags. It doesn’t matter, even after being blinded, Neo could still see through the Matrix for what it really was.- Nick D