The mind-bending scifi puzzle film Cube is one not to miss. It never insults your intelligence and keeps you guessing until the end. What makes it even more thrilling is the leading man, Maurice Dean Wint’s character Quentin who turns from leader to psychotic over the course of 90 minutes. Its a great performance overall that’s both exciting and frighting.




When actor Keith David shouts at you with that sexy deep voice of his, you listen. This is very evident in the classic 1982 John Carpenter scifi/horror film The Thing. This movie is sick, one of my favorites. The horror, suspense and gory special effects still hold up over 30 years later.





Given that 90% of all Will Smith movies involve scifi elements, any of them could have fit into this slot. I chose his 2007 remake I Am Legend because the film primarily only features him, alone in a dystopian New York City plagued by blood thirsty zombie creatures. Along with his German Shepard Sam, he’s lean muscular zombie fighting machine all throughout the movie. During his shirtless scenes I have to remind myself that he’s over 40 years old! Definitely proof that many men never lose their sexy.




Chocolate sexy Taye Diggs used to own black film in the late 90s and early 2000’s. So it was beyond cool to see him showing his tough side alongside Batman actor Christian Bale in the 2002 scifi film Equilibrium. Diggs becomes scifi villain as he burns precious artwork in a police state society while brandishing high-tech guns and cool looking swords. Let’s not even get into how to this day the 42-year-old actor still looks exactly the same as he did way back in this film. #GoodGenes






When actor Ken Foree first shows up in the 1978 scifi/horror film Dawn of the Dead , he makes it clear that he’s a bad motherfracker. All throughout the film he takes down flesh eating zombies without breaking a sweat. This was rare for a film during the 70’s, especially a horror film. So it was especially nice to see Foree make a brief cameo appearance in the 2004 Dawn of the Dead Remake starring Ving Rhames. Rhames takes the tough black guy role on with ease, as he usually does. This film was one of the rare occasions where a remake proved to be just as good if not better than the original.





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