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Ever thought of vacationing in Mexico but can’t think of anywhere besides Cancun?  Well know there is more to Mexico than Cancun, Tijuana and border drug violence.  The Riviera Maya is a great all inclusive resort area and a beautiful place to vacation for black gay couples.From zip-lining, to scuba diving, snorkeling, exploring the many cenotas (underground exposed rivers and lakes), swimming with dolphins, visiting the zoo or aquarium, visiting the Mayan pyramids in Tulum and Acobe, or catching a cab to party in Cancun; There is plenty of adventure and sight seeing to be had around Riviera Maya, Mexico.

Now for those of you who don’t know or have never been to an all inclusive resort; it means 24/7 of all the beer, liquor and food you want including 24 hour room service.  Everything is included in the price of your trip (Airfare + Room).

Both of the resorts I feature in this post below are gay friendly adults only (no damn kids) resorts. No, they are not gay resorts, they are resorts that are friendly to gay patrons…there is a difference.


Picture The Valentin Maya is a gay friendly adults only all inclusive resort. They even have gay porn on certain adult stations. The grounds are very clean, green, spacious and lush with lots of local wildlife (nothing that will kill you). Nice large pool and white sandy beach. The food is good and of course top shelf beer and liquor was fully flowing. Now the gym was lame and small but if you are not one to work out on vacation you shouldn’t care. Nice marble bathroom with large tub and plenty of room in the shower for two.  They also have shows in the evening for entertainment.


Iberostar Grand Resort is fucking off the chain.  It is rated the #1 all inclusive resort in the world by This resort is more pricy then the Valentin but damn it’s worth it!  Very large room, bathroom with marble tile through out and large jacuzzi tub with separate shower.  You have your own personal butler service, private balcony with couch coffer table and swing.  This nice if you want to get your sex on outside!  The beach front rooms of course have great views.Food is made to order and they have BBQ’s by the main pool everyday.  Nice gym, 3 pools (1 indoor and heated), non-coed sauna and steam rooms; great if you want to be nude…did I mention this resort is off the chain? For you bisexual brothers the beaches are topless, so there are titties everywhere. They also have evening shows for entertainment.


(Picture of the bathroom)


If you are the adventuress type, I would recommend zip lining and swimming the cenotas at Xplore Adventure Park.

You do have to do a lot of walking and climbing up stairs and towers but they have the most numerous, tallest and fastest zip lines on the Yucatan Peninsula.

As for as sight seeing; you will have to go to Tulum and visit the Mayan pyramids by the sea.  The Travel Channel voted the beach at the sight of the pyramids as one of the sexiest beaches in the world. Calm turquoise blue warm water and a white sandy beach, you can’t go wrong.Most major airport hubs offer non-stop flights to Cancun. Once there, it is a short easy ride south to Rivera Maya (20-25 min).  Some of the best deals are found on  You can visit for additional reviews and information about these and other resorts in the area.

– Octavius

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