Bry'Nt - Explain (Music Video)

Say what you will about openly gay rapper Bry’Nt, but you can never accuse him of being unattractive. In this new video for the single “Explain”, director Sean Anthony (No Shade) strays away from gimmick movie remakes and twerking fems to instead just focus on Bry’Nt’s main asset. His looks.

Much like Kanye West, Childish Gambino and Drake, Bry’Nt tries his hand at singing and rapping on this track. To be honest, I’m actually not mad at this decision. The gravely thing that Bry’Nt does with his voice when making music actually kinda works here.

It’s only near the middle of the song when the artist starts rapping that I’m taken out of the moment. His “Lil’ Kim/Foxy Brown rap flow” lyrics featuring raunchy references to Sex and Xtube felt out of place in the middle of this laid back, radio friendly R&B song about troubles brewing in a relationship.

But what do I know. The man looks good and we all know that’s all gays will care about when they watch this video.

According to Bry’Nt, his debut album BryNt Park will be released on April 14th so be sure to check it out!