WATCH: New Music Video “Maybe” From Out R&B Singer Marck Angel

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Apr 4 2018 | 10 Comments  

Openly gay R&B singer Marck Angel releases a new music video for his single, “Maybe” from his upcoming project called “Seraphim.”

You may remember Marck from his past music where (according to the bio on his website) he’s received “striking vocal comparisons to the late-great Michael Jackson, Marck also heavily credits influences by Janet Jackson, Tevin Campbell, Ralph Tresvant, El Debarge and Marvin Gaye.”



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  1. RolandG
    RolandG | April 4th, 2018

    Ummm….No sir. Why is this being promoted on Cypher Ave? Whhhhyyyyyyyy??????


  2. Nick Delmacy
    Nick Delmacy | April 4th, 2018

    Slow news day. Trying to update the site daily from now on. Plus I def wanna showcase Black gay/bisexual artists since the Mainstrean LGBT sites ignore all of them not named Frank Ocean or RuPaul.

  3. OckyDub
    OckyDub | April 4th, 2018

    I agree with both the POV from @RolandG and @Nick Delmacy in no particular order.

  4. jusrawb
    jusrawb | April 5th, 2018

    Wow I was not expecting his voice to sound like that… Visually this is nice though. If he was a teenager and sounded like this maybe it could fly and thats a strong maybe. Shoutout to CA for show casing LGBT artist though, it still confuses me why they aren't given more opportunities at our own events smh. (I will admit though I wish I was there when Tank performed)

  5. Pitch1814 | April 5th, 2018

    Wasn’t expecting him to sound like that, but he actually sounded good. Kinda Tevin mixed with Janet. Song is bubblegummy though. It’s also good to see black gay men portrayed in a positive intimate view instead of drag queens or dl niggas.

  6. RolandG
    RolandG | April 5th, 2018

    *sigh* This dude will never and I will repeat, NEVER, be invited to headline a black gay pride. Black gay men only want to dance to female divas or straight black menz. Tank gets a lot of love from black gay pride goers who fantasize and swoon over a man they have no shot at bagging.

  7. DFW Brutha
    DFW Brutha | April 5th, 2018


    dated track and ultra-nasally vocals; has to be a decommissioned torture track stolen from Guantanamo Bay

  8. jusrawb
    jusrawb | April 6th, 2018

    This dude like many gay artist wont be invited to or headline a gay event because the TALENT isn't up to par or/and we don't support or promote our own. Since your on this website I'm kind of surprised by your generalization of black gay men. There are plenty of black gay men who don't only want to dance to female divas or "straight" black men and there's nothing wrong with it if they do. The top artist and performers you see everywhere are female divas and "straight" black men (its not a black gay thing). As far as I know Tank performed at 1 gay event and thats your conclusion from it ? How about Tank got a lot of love because he's sexy, grown, can sing, had the hottest male R&B single, makes good music and seems genuinely a nice person? On top of that was bold enough to even do the performance and hes actual known. Who are we suppose to fantasize and swoon over then ? In my experience we (as in not just black gay people) fantasize and swoon over people we have no clue if we can bag or not all the time. The exact definition of fantasy really.

  9. Coon-dalini | April 18th, 2018

    This is Janet Jackson’s “Again” video…..smh

  10. Dante
    Dante | May 8th, 2018


    They should have just opted to mute the vocals and just went straight to fucking.

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