WATCH: Prentice Powell Spoken Word “The System”

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Nov 27 2013 | 7 Comments  


Verses and Flow is a 30-minute variety show that airs on TVOne featuring spoken word artists and musicians performing their work to a predominately black crowd. Don’t worry, you’re not the first person who’s never heard of this show either. Apparently Verses and Flow is on its third season of people not knowing it exists.

Anyway, a friend of mine sent me this video clip from the show back in September showcasing poet Prentice Powell performing his work called, “The System.” Its an interesting futuristic examination of corporation and government control over the black masses through manipulation.


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  1. LEE B | November 27th, 2013

    Wow Man that was amazing and extremely creative!

  2. se711 | November 30th, 2013

    *Snap snap snap*. He said nothing but the truth

  3. African King | November 30th, 2013

    Wow I thought I was the only one who knew about Verses and Flow! I’ve been on this show since its inception! Great stuff!

  4. Ace of hearts | November 30th, 2013

    First mad props to him for his words and creativity! The thing is this isn’t anything that we haven’t heard or seen before. I just wonder when more people will view things like this and decide that won’t be another static in the system.

  5. ControlledXaos
    Black Pegasus | December 1st, 2013

    I used to be into the spoken word scene during my days of dreadlocks, starbucks lattes and urban preppy apparel. These days, I see it as fake altruism with a splash of narcissistic vanity. Guess I’m just getting old and jaded lol

  6. ptseti | December 11th, 2013

    it may be entertainment but it is real…’the system’ is being designed to do just that in 2050 and beyond. Excellent foresight. Excellent performance.

  7. Zion MarQuiese Devereaux | February 1st, 2014

    The sad thing is black people scream about, “They holding us down, they holding us down”, however we have ALLOWED this over and over and over and over and over and over again.
    Its amazing how men like this tell us in plain words the truth but we don’t listen.
    However, let Sharpton and that baby daddy Jackson say this and they’d listen.
    We need to do better.

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