The AlliYance

I smiled when the beat dropped because The AlliYance Sugar Water Pt. 1: Phone Tap is most definitely a track inspired by The Firm’s 1997, Dr. Dre produced Phone Tap, which shares the same name. Nonetheless, it’s all good though because Sugar Water is a hot song.

Instead of Nas, AZ and Foxy Brown, The AlliYance is comprised of EarthTone, IKP and Billy Hood. The trio’s flow is solid and complimentary. This is gonna get bumped in my truck and blasted in my headphones at the gym; which says a lot considering my hard to please tastes. Although the track can easily stand on its own, the video is a nice visual companion to help push and promote the song.

This had me hungry for more but at the time of this posting, I didn’t see any additional information on producer DJ Swanny River’s website about a fourth coming album or mixtape from the squad. I also didn’t see anything new on SoundCloud from the trio. At any rate, I hope these kats can maintain the momentum and keep putting out some lyrically dope tracks like Sugar Water.