PictureWe’re wrapping up the editing of our extended interview with Lamont Pierre, the creator/director of the polarizing new gay black web series, “Freefall.” In the meantime, we wanted to share Lamont Pierre’s previous (and far more superior) writing/directing work on a web series called “My Brother’s Keeper.”

“My Brother’s Keeper” is an ensemble drama series featuring many different storylines that (sometimes) connected like the film “Crash.”  Now in its third season, it has featured a number of black gay characters since the beginning. The final season introduced us to two gay new characters, Calvin (played by Willie Albert Loman [above]) and Miles (played by Tamario Fletcher [right]).

Unlike the immature new series “Freefall”, Lamont Pierre brought a seriousness to “My Brother’s Keeper” that is rarely seen by black gay independent filmmakers. In four short episodes, he tackles heavy issues like homelessness, co-dependency, bipolar disorder and unemployment all while making “being gay” more of a subtext to the characters’ lives. As we view more new episodes of “Freefall”, we hope that the young talented filmmaker eventually remembers his high-minded roots while still finding a way to attract the sex-crazed masses.