Ok…SOME white gay dudes. Click bait title aside; years ago after visiting and scrolling through numerous mainstream gay websites and blogs, the only thing that showed color was the shadow I was casting on my desk. These sites were dominated by all white faces and bodies. When you did see a rare non-white face it was discussing the HIV/AIDs crisis or showing a mug shot of some male criminal who happened to have preyed upon a gay. This was one of many factors that went into creating Cypher Avenue and years later not much has changed.

I didn’t need Frank Ocean to call out GLAAD for being eerily silent on Trayvon Martin because I recall how these sites didn’t care about James C. Anderson until they found out he was gay. A few years ago the LGBTQ member heavy Black Lives Matter begin to call attention to police brutality, racial profiling and white supremacy – and by extension of their interests – call out these LGBTQ websites on social media for their lack of attention of seemingly non-white issues impacting non-heterosexuals. This was all happening coincidentally at a time when many of these sites were worshiping at the altar of Beyonce and Big Freedia, while many white gay men were (and still are) mimicking the dispositions of Black women.

Years later, a few of these white male imagery dominated sites have included non-white faces as thirst trap fodder, Drag Race episode recaps and Tiger Mandingo updates to supplement their twink or masc leaning obsessions. Diversity boxes checked.

I periodically visit these sites and blogs to affirm my view points and observations…leaving with a ‘yall-still-aint-shit’ smirk on my face.

My ‘(some) white gay dudes are the worst’ rector scale meter deep past critical when reading…or should I say viewing the piece of shit post on Queerty Underwear designer Modus Vivendi proudly presents the Hip-Hop 90s Sports Brief”. I want to point out this particular posting of theirs was categorized under “Street Cred” because nothing says street cred like a pair of underwear.

This is the title / banner pic they used for their posting…I shit you not. 

This is the underwear model used within their post, which is from the designer’s website…

Yep…a hairless twink wearing a pair of underwear. My dumb ass was thinking I was going to see a boom box or a purple cassette tape or some graffiti embossed on said bloomers…nope. Just a twink in a $20 pair of underwear.

Designer Christos Bibitsos’ website states:

“Inspired by classic 90s street fashion, this retro menswear line by Modus Vivendi is fit for athletes, sportsmen and streetwear fashionistas.”

What the fuck is ‘street fashion’ or ‘street wear’? Do you see hip-hop when you look at this twink in these two sizes too small underwear?

According to the author of this post, Queerty’s Derek de Koff;

“So if you’re a huge hip-hop fan, you should probably swagger through the streets in a pair of these.”

Really my Wigga?

It’s not just the “what did you just say” terminology in the post…it’s the whole post (please click on the link. Yes I know it will give them page views). The post copies the horrible style that BuzzFeed made popular by not really writing anything (lazy) and filling the page up with outdated gifs and memes to appear hip, cool and sassy for their mostly white liberal audience.

As far as the designer is concerned; not only isn’t there any non-white men on his website, there aren’t any non-white men modeling his hip-hop inspired fashions…not hardly shocking from a hip white gay male fashion designer.

Dear White Gays,

1. Please come up with better ways to display your liberal white guilt besides posting bullshit like this article on Queerty.

2. While you’re at it, can you also stop harping on dating app racism? Most non-white gays, who date non-white gays, don’t give a fuck about dating app racism because it doesn’t apply to the majority of non-white non-heterosexual men.

3. Stop mimicking Black women’s mannerisms and sayings. They obtained their mannerisms and slang from Black gay men, who -according to the dating app racism- you don’t fuck with any way.

Also for good measure…

4. Madonna did not invent Voguing. If you were brave enough to enter any Black Ball Room contest, you would leave with your hip hop inspired underwear in your purse.

A Black (non-heterosexual) Dude Who’s Peeped Your Game Years Ago