Oh Nuts

Do you like musky balls? Maybe I should quantify “musky” or “musty”. Personally I’m not talking about funky, haven’t washed in 3 days, been working in the yard all day, ill-smelling foulness. No, I’m  referring to just awaken in the morning nutts. You know when a nutt sack has a-lil-zest to it? Don’t play coy, you know what I’m talking about. Well, I like the smell of a man and the natural scent that comes from his penis/scrotum region. For men like myself, it can be sexually stimulating and apparently there might be some scientific data to support this.

The results of a Chinese study that was released in 2014, scientists set up an experiment in which they exposed men and women to the pheromones androstadienone (found in male sweat and semen) and estratetraenol (found in female urine). They then showed them a video animation of a person walking made up of dots marking the various joints of the body and asked to guess it was a man walking or a woman. ‘Homosexual males exhibit a response pattern akin to that of heterosexual females, whereas bisexual or homosexual females fall in between heterosexual males and females,’.

These results were similar to research released in 2005 by Ivanka Savic at the Karolinska University Hospital in Sweden. Unlike sight and smell research from 2014; Savic and her team used brain scans to see what was happening to the subject’s brains as they were exposed to certain scents. The testosterone-derived chemical found in male sweat (that is believed to be a pheromone) activated the anterior hypothalamus and medial preoptic area of gay men and straight women alike. They believe this brain region integrates the hormonal and sensory cues used in guiding sexual behavior.

The research demonstrates a likely link between brain function and sexual orientation, Savic suggests. But she told New Scientist that the study “does not answer the cause-and-effect question”. So the brain-activation of gay men may contribute to sexual orientation of those men, or simply be the result of their orientation and sexual behavior. She added that the brain scans revealed no anatomical differences between any of the participant’s brains.

Yeah it’s not definitive proof but still interesting to say the least. Yay science!

Now having read that, I must say that not all scrotum sack smells are created equal. For the gents that have a pungency that can make for unpleasant sexual encounters; I came across this hygiene related how-to video on YouTube courtesy of alpha m. If this doesn’t work for you, try bleach and Febreze (Warning. Do not try bleach and/or Febreze as this will cause serious bodily harm!)