German filmmaker Stephen Lacant’s award winning gay film “Free Fall” was released on DVD today. It’s been called “the German answer to Brokeback Mountain” and features, you guessed it, masculine gay characters.

With that masculinity, however, comes yet another tale of down low married men lying to their wives about their affair. I guess I should be thankful that they’re Caucasian this time around, instead of the usual “deceitful HIV-spreading Black man” fodder for MediaTakeOut and Bossip.

While viewing this film, I remembered black gay filmmaker Lamont Pierre’s web series, also titled “FREEFALL.” I hadn’t seen it since around episode 8 of the depressing, brooding second season of the show, but heard that it’s still going strong.

For those who don’t recall, FREEFALL is about a group of depressed Black gay Drug Dealing, Thieving, Cheating, Murdering, Mumbling, Kidnapping, Latin Word Using Pretty-Boy Rapists who occasionally have sex orgies with each other as they ironically wonder why their relationships aren’t working…they also travel to Miami together…presumably to rape and/or have more orgy sex with each other.

Apparently, after a successful fundraising campaign, a new season featuring more bare tattooed flesh, gratuitous sex and deep introspection will be dropping soon. More power to them. We may not like the show but we respect the hustle.

Then, while watching this, I remembered ANOTHER web series that was released last year called, you guessed it, “Freefall”, featuring a group of sexy heterosexual coming-of-age college students navigating their way through their freshman year.

Not only does the show feature eye candy like the Luke (played by actor Will Little), the characters are actually written as realistic and three-dimensional human beings. They have highs and lows, secrets and truths that all get revealed as the series plays out.

Freefall the web series - Premiere Episode - Freshman Dorm

Freefall the web series - Episode Seven - WTF

The web series is produced by Planned Parenthood of Southwest and Central Florida so admittedly it does come off a little like an “After School Special” at times.  Life lessons are learned by the young characters about issues like unprotected sex, drug use and interracial dating (a hot-button topic on this very website lately)…But the acting, writing and production value more than made up for this, especially given that this is only a web series, not a network show with a network budget.


So the lesson here is, if you want to make a sexy film or sexy web series about the sexy lives of sexy characters spiraling out of control due to their sexiness and insatiable need to have sexy sex with each other…There’s only one name to go with. Freefall.