WORKOUTS: 74 Page Ultimate Training Guide

By Nick Delmacy | Posted Aug 27 2011 | 6 Comments  

Fellas, admit it…Everyone likes a nice pair of guns.So while summer is here and you still have an excuse to show up in the club wearing an amazingly too-tight short sleeved T-shirt, get your workout on with loads of information from the pages of Muscle & Fitness Magazine.Whether your goal is to build on more muscle mass or to slim down that expanding midsection, you’ll find plenty of helpful tips here in this downloadable document!

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  1. Ocky | July 2nd, 2013

    Experiment? Lol yes I think we all have played them “head-rim” games.

    • Nick D | July 2nd, 2013

      LOL…I would still say that I’m on the tamer side of being “freaky” though. I’m always in awe of some of the wild things some dudes tell that they’re into…

  2. Derrik | July 2nd, 2013

    I don’t give a fuck hoo u r, wut u do r how much money u got baby.. Im an unclockable brother who is not on the DL. I kno who I am n I kno wut I like.. Was kickin it wit a pro ball playa here n Atlanta.. Money n fame aside they got da some problems as we do. but even wit all dat cash n all dat other shit, once u got it, u got it n it aint goin nowhere.. do yourself justice brothers wrap it up, n f its 2 late to wrap it up then get ya azz to the Dr. n take care of yoself..

  3. Bryan | July 2nd, 2013
    0 first love had OCD..Really crazy obsessive compulsive and just the mention of germs or S.T.D.s was enough to send his ass into epileptic shock!.Hands shaking and sh!t! he told me if we ever was gonna make love, then we gotta get tested, together..Not the little mouth swob. NuhUh. the blood test!..lmao but I loved him for it even more because we had the trust factor. And I knew that my dude was a deffiently a winner & not a bug chaser!

  4. AJ | July 2nd, 2013

    #Win for the scorpion pic..although a tad creepy, it’s kinda sexy in a weird

  5. Big Redd | July 2nd, 2013

    I think there is one universal answer to your main question, and you actually hit on it a little bit… We don’t ask the question because we are afraid of the answer. Not just from whom we might ask the question, but from what answers we might have to render. Such as, ‘I don’t know what my own status is…’ or ‘ I don’t remember when I was last tested…’ or worst of all, ‘I’ve never been tested.’ Knowing, in additition, there was no plan to get tested. There are far too many who still believe the fairytale, (no pun intended), that ignorance is bliss! All too often, even when the question is asked, the response is as direct & non-hesitant as it is filled with false confidence, “I am HIV-.” When actually the one answering the question has no idea. Getting tested together is a cool, one might even say a romantic gesture but still there are no guarantees. There are too many variables to consider, such as when was the last time eac!h person participated in a risky behavior that could have exposed them to infection, just to name one. If we are going to enSxgage in sexual acts, whether they be; oral, anal or vaginal, asking the question is not as important as protecting one’s self by either using a latex condom or dental dam EVERYTIME!!!

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