EarthTone - GMale 2015-08-19

First mixtape by rapper EarthTone.

  1. Nick Delmacy
    1.To Whom It May Concern
    2.Turnin 30
    3.Fuck Is You
    4.The Sound
    5.Fuckin Awesome Guy
    6.Blue Collar BeefCake
    7.The Best
    8.Bible Pages

Recent Reviews

  1. Nigerian Prince
    Nigerian Prince
    Version: 2015-08-19
    I loved this mixtape so much. When I was going through accepting my sexuality and taking steps to developing confidence, this mixtape came along and I especially loved the song, "F**kin Awesome Guy (F.A.G.)". That made me feel this sense of confidence I NEVER had before. Overall the mixtape pretty much gives you a true sense of who EarthTone is. Dope mixtape!!! A Must Have!