There are several ways to post messages on The Boards. The first way is to scroll to the bottom of any thread and enter your message in the quick reply box.

To respond to a post directly you can "quote" the post by clicking the Reply link below the message.

To quote multiple posts, you can simply scroll to another post and click the reply button again. However, a quicker way to accomplish this is to use the multi-quote feature. This can be done by clicking the + Quote link on all the posts you'd wish to quote. Once you are ready to reply to these posts, scroll to the bottom and there should now be a "Insert Quotes" box below the editor box.

Click Insert Quotes - A overlay will pop up. Here you are able to rearrange or remove the posts before inserting them into your reply.

Another method of quoting a post (or Multi-Quoting it!) is to simply highlight text from a post. This will bring up an overlay that allows you to quote just the part of the message you have selected.

That covers replying to threads with text. Now lets go over how to add other elements into your messages.

To add a Smiley, click the happy face icon. This will display The Boards Smileys at the bottom of the editor. Also, note that there are different tabs of smileys.

To add an image, simply click the icon to the right of the smile, it looks like a landscape. Then you can paste the URL of the image you are trying to post.

We support a number of media sites you can use to embed video and other forms of media. To do so, click the filmstrip icon and then paste the link to your media.

There are a few other things you can insert into your post by clicking the Insert icon, which is located to the right of the filmstrip. Here you can add spoilers, strikethrough text, code boxes and quote codes.

There are some common features found in text editors, such as the ability to change font and color. They are pretty basic tools that you are likely familiar with.