Dripping in Blackness

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    So I just want to say that I like the new Bruno Mars song even though I don't listen to him regularly.

    I'm not a big fan of Cardi B, unless she keeps up her bubblegum pop 90s Fast Food commercial vibe she got going on now. I like it.

    I'm pretty much indifferent by Bruno Mars. I'm not a big fan of him but after listening to some of his songs..they have nice beats.

    However, I've come to notice that he seems to be referred to as a "culture vulture" (a new term for me) & is apart of this trend to steal "black music" from black people. I'm usually late to certain things since I mostly listen to orchestra or other types of music these days but hmmm...


    "showcasing all these 70s-90s black music trends to today's audience but without actual black people in the forefront. So when they hear and remember these musical genres started by black people, they won't actually think 'black', but will picture light-skinned latinos and filipinos instead."

    What are you personal views of that quote above?


    Do you feel like Black American culture (or what little identity we have created) is being subtly/slowly pushed aside by other races? Black culture appropriators? :confused:

    Do you feel that no one really likes black people but they like too leech from "black culture"?

    That song that Bruno did has a very New Jack Swing vibe to it and he does come kinda close. The beat is catchy but nothin compared to the real thing.

    Just as a note: One of the other reasons I liked the Finesse song is that, it got me up off my ass and dancing and exercising...my waste lookin slim....Ayeeeeeee!
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