I went to Nola this weekend

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    I was on Bourbon (just a little tipsy) & I ran into that "religious group" that condemns people for acting wild on Bourbon.. I passed a woman in the group and I told her hi and she seemed surprised I spoke to her. I assumed since I was a sinner she didn't expect me to talk to her. What makes me grin is how much biblical knowledge I do have but it's always better to act clueless with "devout followers" just to see their level of reasoning. Many of them do it to keep up appearances so they can look good in the eye of the public. They call it "being human" to sin and repent, I just call it being fake but what do I know??

    Folks get hella offended when you call them out on their bull.

    They say I'm a know-it-all but are probably upset that I actually use knowledge and wisdom instead of believing everything I hear. Maybe they just think I'm supposed to be a dumb black stereotypical male or something...‍♂️ I did see this person from Pakistan the other day who remarked I don't act like other black people ... Innocent ignorance with unintentional racism I suppose..

    Ma'am? Are you still having sex outside of marriage and do you live a completely sinless life. First question knocks out quite a few, second is the finishing blow. In that regard, you have no authority to tell anyone how to live "the right life" when you arent even there yourself. I know it's a basic human desire to feel more important than you actually are but chill. The Earth is a spec in the entire Universe. I know you want to feel like the "chosen one..." but you still fall under the laws of nature. You're not special at all. Keep trying to defy gravity if you like....You can jump off a building & you won't float.

    I have Faith.

    So... if a man was to climb in an enclosure full of lions on faith and the Lions ate him, would you call him foolish, maybe stupid? Even if he said he went in with complete faith, you would say he has no common sense, right? It is a lion's nature to kill? It is a wild animal? That's just common sense and the nature of a lion, correct? Yet, you believe a woman can get pregnant and give birth without having sex. You have no evidence of this but say you have faith in it to be true despite nature proving otherwise. Your rebuttal to me is "Through God all things are possible" ....Well, except common sense it seems sometimes.

    So where do you draw the line in your faith ma'am? You can say the man was dumb can you? If you say, well, lions are dangerous, duh..of course they would eat him...So could someone else say women can't get pregnant without sex, duh?

    So how do you justify his error in faith against your faith in uncertainty?

    Because truth be told...The Bible said, through Faith, ALL things are possible. Walking on water, feeding a multitude, communicating with animals...etc . All these things were done. In fact, Jesus said you could do them if you had faith as small as a mustard seed. If you happen to do them today though...people will either think you are a witch or demon. Such things didn't come from God is what they will scream.

    Seeing someone catch the holy ghost is terrifying. The Bible said God moves in a clam and still manner but it readily says that demons hop into things and make them go crazy...crazy enough to be cast in a herd of pigs. This was another thing that doesn't make sense. Catching the Holy Ghost and in the likeness of God is calm and relaxing. God is supposed to be of peace...Idk what kinda African dances folks be doing with the other stuff. Might be from the ancestors. They came here from Africa with no knowledge of the Bible at all...I find it highly Interesting how slaves adapted their own version of the Bible & literally NO ONE questions it's authenticity at all...

    We have proof that a lion will tear you to pieces if you get in his domain, yet you have not one single shred of evidence that a woman can get pregnant except a couple of passages that tells you she did. Is that faith or blind ignorance?

    People tend to get nasty when you put their works to fire but even the bible says test all works (words) to see if they are sound. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that chose to be ignorant because if punishment does exist, they like the idea of not being held accountable for their actions "because they didn't understand".
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    I used to live in Nola and have seen that same religious group before. The first time I saw them I felt a bit afraid, but even more passion for just being a gay black man.

    I'm sure that same group will be there for the upcoming Southern Decadence festival. And likewise, there will be so many beautiful gay men.
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