Lady Just Be Honest...You Wanted a Little Girl

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    *"He really likes pink", or have you forced pink onto him because that's all you buy and what you want him to like?

    *Your raising him "gender neutral" but his over all gender appearance looks female?

    *"You're just following the way he wants to be", how did you know he wants to be gender neutral? Did he tell you during potty training or when he was eating dry cereal in his high chair?

    *"They adopted the technique in hopes he would have a better understanding of women when he grows up"...but nothing about him growing up to have a better understanding about being a man or maleness...ok.

    *The goal here seems to be how to teach him how to grow up and be a better woman.

    *As she dresses and plays with his hair like a doll, they are raising him to be a certain way, not allowing him to be a certain way.

    *I just find it hard to be believe if she actually had a girl, this would be happening.

    They appear way to forced in contrast to little Noah and his parents from the old HBO doc Middle Sexes. Noah and his parents seem more organic by being neutral (even though they have their beliefs) and allowing Noah to follow his/her own path.
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