QUESTION: In High School Were You Openly Gay, Openly Bisexual Or Were You Pretending To Be Straight?

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    In H.S. during the 90's I was in the closest. I knew I liked dudes but I would say to myself that I was bi. I never did anything with a guy until the summer after H.S. I dated two girls for a short time in H.S., I probably could have dated/messed around with a few other girls, but didn't. I did have some crushes on few guys in H.S. but did nothing. I didn't know of any other dudes who where gay in H.S.

    Running Track was a blessing and a curse in H.S. It kept me busy after school, but some of my teammates and some from other schools where fine as fuck. Especially when we would compete in Boston. A lot of eye candy during the Boston meets with dudes from all over the state.

    And with our track uniforms like this...

    There were a few wardrobe malfunctions. This one hurdler on my team, it seemed like his peen would pop out a lot of times.

    I had a huge crush on one of my track teammates. I thought he was the most beautiful. He's black about 5'9" or 10. He had a very funny personality. He would always be making jokes and stuff. He played football in the fall and track the other seasons. He also lifted weights because he said it made him more popular with the girls. He had a very nice body. A lot of muscle for a high school kid. We would hang out sometimes. Since we both were on the track team, I would occasionally get a few glimpses of him naked in the locker room. I think he might have suspected of me. I think he caught me a few times checking him out, which he didn't seem to mind and never said anything to me. Another teammate did notice that I liked this dude and mentioned something, but more like joking around. I ran into him a few years ago and he still looks good.

    Also, Looking back, I wonder about this one dude. During freshman year. He might have liked me a little to much. He would always give me compliments and he seemed to stand a little too close to me. But I will never know. He moved after freshman year to live with his Dad.
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