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    Is anyone still in contact with any guys they messed with in High School? I didn't mess with anyone but kept to myself. Same for college. I just used to ignore guys...

    I do remember this guy I had a crush on in Jr. High that used to smile at me. He liked me & he would have technically been my first boyfriend probably but the following weekend he was shot in the head in a drive by.

    I always had terrible luck with men though from what I was told, a lot of the did try tonf**k me but I was in my own world...Maybe self-absorbed or soy..idk.

    Anyways, what was it like for you in the 60's and 70's when you were in High School? Did you get bullied? Did you fool around with any other guys? Was DL even a thing in those times? Do you have any fond memories of the first boy you liked or the first time you freaked?

    Did you have any teachers you liked? Do you remember their names and subjects?
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