Best Posts in Thread: Written Letter? Text Message? Phone Convo? Face-to-Face?

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    Jun 28, 2013
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    This is why I no longer do the "just hanging out" and "friends first, we'll see where it goes from there" thing...too much ambiguity.

    The dudes who I've dated over the past 7 years all knew that I was feeling them. Him agreeing to go out with me on a date was indication that they were feeling me too. Him letting me kiss him and him kissing me back (on the first date) was confirmation he had a physical attraction. Agreeing to or taking initiative to go on a second date seals the deal.

    The rest of the squad may disagree with me but if you're already feeling the dude after one meeting, I say just tell him. Don't literally say that. Just throw it out there that you wanna go out on a real date with him, not just hang out. No expectations, but an official date. He'll get the message. Saves time, you'll get it off your chest and you'll know where he stands as well. He may be feeling the same way. Then you can stop all the "we're just hanging out" nonsense.

    If he only wants to be friends, at least now you know because you took initiative. You can still be his friend but you'll be open to dating other men who ARE feeling you romantically, not distracted by butterflies of uncertainty with the singer dude.