African King's Memorial Day Weekend 2018 in ATL - Part II (of III)

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    Saturday – we got up after noontime again and then I brought along the Liberian & Nigerian man from MIXX last night that I was interested in along with another good friend of mine from California to join us to hit the Jollof Festival that happened in Chamblee, GA. We really loved the food, the music and the dancing during the festival. I really enjoyed seeing my guy from MIXX there last night. He looked so cute with his dashiki shirt on. I still could not believe that he was in his early 40s. He looked amazing. I just wanted to express my attraction to him in public there but I was definitely aware of my surroundings being that we were in a space that can be largely homophobic with many people from West African countries present that afternoon. Anyway after we wrapped up at the Jollof Festival, a friend of ours from church invited us to his townhouse for a MDW 2018 cookout. On the way to the cookout, my friends rode in a separate car but my twin brother motioned to be to remain in the car of the man from Liberia & Nigeria that I was really feeling. I was nervous and happy at the same time to be in the car with him. I was so turned on by him. We looked one another in the eyes and smiled really big at each other. I put my arm in his arm as he drove one-handed. I leaned over a bit more just to be closer to him. We were bonding and learning more about each other until the unthinkable happened. He ended up telling me that he has a partner that he has been with for almost eight years. My whole world just stopped after he told me that he has been in a relationship for eight whole years. I leaned away from him slowly while removing my arm from his arm. I did not know whether to be confused, upset, non-chalant or whatever but I did not ask too many questions but I did learn some more about him and his partner of eight years. He told me that his partner was in his late 40s and that they both live in separate cities. We kept on driving then met my other friends at a package store in Cascade to grab some liquor because you never show up to a function without something in hand!

    When we arrived to the cookout, it was really cute. Lots of fine men there and every one just vibed with one another. The food was amazing! Our friend is an amazing cook and made pretty much everything from scratch from the fried chicken, macaroni and cheese, wild rice, his so-called “delicious cake”, etc. The crowd was a bit older (later 30s and earlier 40s) so there was a mix between some late 80s R&B/Pop then some recent hip-hop music in the background. I remember separating myself from the Nigerian & Liberian guy and I snuck my twin brother and my friend that came to Atlanta with me upstairs to tell them what just happened. I told them about how dude broke the news to me about being in a relationship for eight years. They both were so shocked but they both told me to just have a good time and don’t be awkward with the man. We went back downstairs then we enjoyed the rest of our time at the cookout while making some more connections. After about two hours and some change, we ended up leaving the cookout to go to a friend’s birthday party in Midtown Atlanta in a condo not too far from Bulldogs Bar. It was a birthday party for one of my friends that has been in America from Nigeria for about two years after leaving Nigeria to make a better life for himself sans the homophobia that is heavily present in Nigeria. He is a very beautiful spirit and I really think he is LOVE personified! We got to the lobby area of the towers where the condos are then when he came down the elevator to get us, my twin brother and I took turns giving him the biggest hugs and spinning him around in the air. We were all so excited to see one another and we got all caught up talking about work, school, dating, etc while making our way up to the condo where his party was happening. When the door opened, the room was full of African men from different parts of West Africa primarily – Senegal, Liberia, Ghana then Nigeria of course was the most. We also met others from Congo and Jamaica as well. There was one white man there from somewhere in Western Europe, which was random but anyway… The spread of food and drinks was amazing! West African twists on salmon, chicken, beef, pork rib tips, fried rice, jollof rice, and the list goes on and on. I got one of my good friends to help me make a drink and he was so surprised again and thought it was so cute that I was willing to have a drink (or four) during the MDW 2018 events and while out at the clubs. We all vibed out to the Afrobeat, African Hip-Hop and Dancehall jams that filled the room with so much energy then eventually the birthday boy had a close friend from Jamaica pray over his life before we cut the cake. We all continued having a good time and I really met some very cool people that night but there was one guy. My eyes were on a guy from Senegal most of the night. I could see him macking me from the corner of his eye so at different points of the night we would chat and I eventually got him out to the balcony where we had really good and deep conversation about life. We both learned more about each other’s pasts and upbringing. Eventually we began talking more about dating and sex and I told him that I was a virgin. Yes, still a virgin at 28 years old. He could not believe it. He felt like I was not telling the truth when indeed I was. I even told him about how I have only kissed three other men up to that point during the party. My first kiss with anyone, man or woman, was when I was 27. It was amazing and the men I kissed after that felt like I am a good kisser so that made my confidence go up but anyway the man from Senegal said to me that he may be the fourth man that I kiss during that night. After some others came out on the balcony then left again, it was just the two of us. We kept flirting and then I pulled him in and just went in for the kiss. It was electric and I enjoyed every drop of that Senegalese dark chocolate. My goodness I proud of myself. Then as the night was winding down and everyone was putting their to-go plates together, I made sure that no one was looking and I got the Senegalese man’s attention and put my come hither face on and motioned him over to the bathroom where I stole his lips again a few times more. No one knew what was going on with us and he told me that we would link up again before he left Atlanta for his home out of state in the west. I remember leaving the party and my friend who came from out of town with me was really into one man there that my twin brother and I have known for a few years and we left them alone to have a moment but my inquisitive nature would not allow me to steal a glance of them sharing a moment. I turned back around while we made our way to the elevator and saw my friends kissing and they looked so into it. We all got on the elevator and my friend from out of town started gushing about how he enjoyed the kiss and the time at my friend’s birthday party. I told him and my twin brother that I also got some action too and they were giving me so much props on just stepping out of my comfort zone that weekend.

    We made our way to League Tavern for one of the numerous club parties going on during MDW 2018 and we had a blast! Everyone just seemed to really be enjoying themselves then there was a man there that was catching my eye. He was outside of what I typically would go for but I loved the way he moved on the dance floor. I’ve learned over time that I really enjoy a man that can dance. He was brown-skinned and pretty much tatted up all over up to just below his jaw line. My brother, friend and I were all on the dance floor and then the dude I saw just got closer and closer to me then I just grabbed his waist from behind and we started grinding and getting it in on the dance floor. I learned that he was from Houston like myself and we enjoyed one another. He went away for a little while then he pushed me against a wall. He slow made his way down into a squat position facing me while his face was just below my belt buckle then before you know it I feel I tight grip on my legs! The next second I was up in the air while dude was holding me up and I gripped my arms around him holding on for dear life because I did not think it was going to be cute at all to hit the floor! My friend from out of town and my twin brother looked at me and they just could not believe what was going on. Eventually he put me down and we danced a bit more before the club closed then he gave me his phone and I put my number in it. A few minutes after leaving the club, he called me and told me about how he and his friend were going to an after hours spot called the Marquette. I told him that I would let him know after talking to my friend and twin about going there. We decided not to go because the last Saturday night we hit the Marquette it was TRASH. None of us really enjoyed it. So we made our way home and arrived back around maybe 5am. Then we chatted a bit back at home and then slept around 6am to do it all over again!

    Sunday – we all wake up again after maybe 1pm and one of my Nigerian friends hit me up letting me know that he wanted us to come to his spot to do like a part II of my friend’s birthday party from yesterday. Later during that evening, we got to his spot in Atlantic Station and they had pretty much the same food from last night, drinks and good music. I got to see more of our people that were not at the party yesterday and everyone was just really having an amazing time. I remember sitting down with someone there that I consider like a big brother to me. We sat down and I talked to him about my weekend and how I met the man from Nigeria and Liberia who told me later on that he had been in a relationship for eight years with another man. My “big brother” told me about how during weekends like these that men who may be single or even boo’ed up have their fun and are usually only looking for one thing. He told me that I can choose to either engage the man and have a good time with him or that I can just tell him that we can be friends and nothing more. I took his advice to heart and told him about how my hormones have been raging but I thought about things like karma and all that. He was like forget all that and just have fun during MDW 2018. I also told him about the Senegalese man at the party we went to and how I kissed him. He was so surprised because it seemed like quite a few guys had their eyes on him that night and I was the one who ended up sharing kisses with him. I told him about how I thought the Senegalese man was so attractive and loved his chocolate kisses. My “big brother” then told me to give him my phone and I refused then he insisted that I give him my phone. I asked him why then he questioned me about whether or not I have done anything outside of my comfort zone recently and I told him no. He extended his hand in my direction and I handed him my phone. He then hit up the Senegalese man through my phone basically telling him on my behalf that I wanted to see him one more time before I left Atlanta. He replied a few minutes later saying that he would and my big brother was happy for me but said that it may happen or it may not. That man may be entertaining other options and may or may not be able to squeeze me in. After our talk, it was not much longer before people slowly began making their way back to their homes for the night and my friend from out of town and my twin brother were deciding between making our next move for the night. We debated between hitting MIXX again because it was so LIT on Friday night and Sundays are always a good night to go but there was another new spot called Aurum (formerly Kapture) in Midtown that we were curious about too. My “big brother” told us to hit up Aurum because we already went to MIXX and then he told my twin brother and my our friend from out of town that they need to make sure I get laid or at least get some head. I was laughing so hard then we made our way from Atlantic Station to Aurum. When we got to Aurum, we could see that it looked like new. All the lounge chairs/sectionals were being illuminated by the strobe lights and there were several VIP sections set up all around for bottle service and so on. All the bottle girls had their fish net panty hose on with their black leotards and their hair and make up was on point like a glam squad got them all the way together! We made our way to the bathroom and then after that noticed that it was sparsely populated in the club but we knew that there was still time before more men entered the club with just about three more hours left. We made our way around the club then I saw a dark skinned man with very ethnic facial features. He had an amazing smile, high cheek bones and beautiful brown eyes all on top of an amazing body. He was rocking to the music with a friend of his next to him but he was all I could see. I was vibing out to the music with my friends and we peeped the scene then my eyes just kept being drawn to this dude. I wanted to know more about him like where he came from. He gave me a Caribbean vibe the way he would do a light slow whine on the dance floor. My friend from out of town urged me to follow him closer to the guy and I resisted initially then I followed him. I then walked up to the guy and approached him and introduced myself. He was all smiles after we exchanged pleasantries and I found out that he was from the Bahamas! I knew it! I got behind him and he just went in with the dancing! We both really had a chemistry that made for a good introduction dancing with each other. He then went with a few of his friends to where they all got a section at Aurum then I did not know whether or not to follow him because it was not like I was invited so I stood there looking a bit dumbfounded but then I got myself together and approached another dark skinned guy. He was very cute and had a slim (not skinny) build with a full beard. He had on all white with a fitted cap on and I approached him by massaging his shoulders and saying hello. He was nice but he stated that he was waiting for his best friend to come and he was cool on dancing with me. I backed away for a bit and hung near my friends for a bit before I approached him again a few minutes later and then he still said he was waiting for his best friend. I told him that you can still dance and wait for your best friend but he just did not seem in the mood so I backed away. Over the course of this time, I could still see the Bahamian guy eyeing me in his VIP section then I remember my friend from out of town telling me that at some point during the night that I need to see about the man from the Bahamas again. I did just that and then we had so much fun. I was caressing his body especially his waist and his @$$ while he continued to whine. I learned that he was from Miami and whenever they played anything that was Miami-based or Caribbean-based then he really got into it! As the night went on, we shared a few kisses and kept on rocking until the club closed. I asked him if he wanted to follow us to an after hours spot called Speak Easy Lounge but he said he was so ready to go home. My friends and I were going to hit the afterhours spot until we all realized how hungry we were so then we went to no where else other than the Waffle House! When we got to the Waffle House, it was so ratchet! Much more than we have been used to in the past. It was about 15 to 20 younger black men behind us sharing 3 booths with chairs outside of the booths as well. They got so loud and aggressive but we minded our business until they eventually got up and left. It was so quiet after they left and we just started wrapping up our meals. During my time there, the guy I was dancing with was texting me and I replied him quickly every time. We both kept flirting back and forth and agreed to talk more after sunrise. By the time my twin brother, my friend from out of town and I left Waffle House and got back home, it was maybe between 5am and 6am. We all got home and slept as much as we could.

    Part III ('Side-Piece Chronicles' coming soon!)

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