Bottom Bros: Understanding Dominance

Discussion in 'Sex and Adult' started by Jai, Sep 9, 2019.

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    Hi Bottom and Verse Bottom Bros..

    I wanna know what kind of Tops you like? Do you like Alphas or more of the passive Betas?

    Do you like doms or sub Tops? I never knew much about these things until I started seeing stuff on the internet.

    It seems like Arab dudes make good doms onscreen as I see a lot of them be very Alpha Male sexually.

    Have you ever meet a hardcore masculine man & be like..I want him to f**k me down, only to find out he's a bottom too? Do you pack your bags and leave or either trying to top or smashing bussies together with a double ended dildo?!?!?

    If you were to ask me about how I would view my bf I'd say that 80% of the time I want him to dominate me & f**k me senseless as an Alpha. I enjoy being bossed around in the bedroom. I'm not an exact bitch about it, going about like some flailing woman in a horror movie. I'm more into the aggressive nature of two men.

    I can't really explain it but it's the fact of him being able to overpower me with his "toned dominance" & me defying him. I'm not so much into being treated like a straight up "bitch" I by aswearing panties & stuff but its more about me challenging the Alpha & losing to his superiority.

    I started to wonder if this was because I was bullied when younger and didn't feel superior to other males who were into sports & I was more into nature. I am a soft masculine male. I'm not fem at all but have very "soft" traits that got me 2nd rate treatment & I'm pretty Hypersensitive. Even folks make comments about my soft appearance or ways and people say they don't judge but they automatically be assuming you are gay or something but anyways...back to the Top thing.

    There is the 20% of the time where I like to sneak and mess with bf's ass (not that I would have a chance) so I'm not exactly a full bottom, just one where you have to really turn me on to get me hard & keep me hard. I have to be into you fully.

    But I'm rarely turned on by a "passive top" Even in porn I will bypass most positions unless they are doggy or missionary. I am aware there are aggressive bottoms too but I like to see the Top work if that makes sense. Mostly just seeing the male body taking control in an aggressive manner.

    There this dude I used to know that I see on Facebook occasionally. Went to school with him and he and I clashed. We're low brow shady with each other & he just came off as the jock type. Taller, gym dude who thought he was the shit, had a girlfriend and all that. I literally could not stand him & made it known and vice versa but I still wanted to fuk him on the low. Hahahaha..He had a girlfriend & that irritated me & even if he did get down it'd be hard for me to do anything since he has a girl and I'd feel wrong. Still wanted aggressive sex with him. We had the tension but it was probably only sexual on my end as far as I know.

    I go and look back at his early photos and he was skinny and looked really geeky & he made this transformation. Go figure.

    Any other bottoms out there like this or is this some kind of dormant emotion & I was kinda crazy then? Hahah
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    If I'm not getting paid for it, I'm not taking orders. But I can't say I like a passive top either. I want a man who can match my energy.
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