Can You Find Love In A New Language?

Discussion in 'Dating and Relationships' started by Lancer, Sep 2, 2018.

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    Even though its a plug for the app, I found the video interesting, my thoughts;
    1. Tevin is one thick dude, and homeboys clothes are just too tight esp the pants. I know Asos has a Big&Tall category, so it shouldn't be that hard.
    2. Jo, cleans up REALLY good!
    3. Marlon, I TOTALLY UNDERSTAND YOU!!! Dudes be on 'No, we just seeing each other' even after years. smh
    4. The french dude, Antoine, those eyes, lips, and just French as the language of love!

    I do believe you can find love in a new language, however there has to be a common language that both couples understand as communication is key. I can understand 50% French and he can understand 50% English, and we could make it work, like a meet me half way kinda thing.

    Trust and believe if a Spanish, Arabic, Korean, Portuguese, or French dude was seriously interested in me I will learn that language quick, fast and in a hurry! lol
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