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    Yeah, so I'm sure I've posted my views about raw sex before and this sex party thing has me wondering just why would you let a stranger nut in you...multiple strangers at that?

    Raw anal sex to me (between men AND women) has always been something I've always given the side eye to. I've toyed with the idea in my mind for a crush during an animalistic sweaty sexual fantasy but would never like actually live up to it in reality. It's rather hard for someone like me who doesn't even have sex to sit here and say that I'm pretty much always prepared for it condom wise. My bookbag pouch had condoms and lube (that I got for the HIV awarness drives I participated in) my wallet has about two.

    Now the on to the contradictory part. Okay, sucking peen....well, sucking peen raw...oh boy. I wouldn't find it objectionable to suck a peen with a condom on but most men would squint at you if you suggested they put one on.

    Is porn to blame for this raw trend that is just everywhere.

    Seriously, Cypher Kings, I can't have sex with a guy unless I know him a little well but then I'm human and if he's hot that thought crosses my thot...

    I met a guy from D.C. once who was into "grinding" as he called it..where he wanted to grind against my butt or whatever and I noticed that the longer he grinded the more he tried to slip himself inside & when I suggested that he wear a condom..he huffed and puffed and said he was just grinding...

    Nah...you're hoping that I just be like stick it in.

    Either way, he wasn't about to..He made a comment such as, "don't act like you don't be having all kinds of niggas coming through here anyway," in an insulting way it seemed.

    He also tried to invite a friend and make me seem like I was being too uptight for not agreeing to be gangbanged..lol Negro bye..lol

    I really can't say for certain that if/when I start dating & f**King that I will be tempted to go raw with my bf. In my current mindset, it ain't happenin. I'm what folks would call boring but probably freaky...so freakingly boring perhaps?!?! Im open totmost things but there are some things that ain't happening tho...like pissing & other stuff..you know what I mean. The stuff folks be doing in them pornz.

    I don't know. I feel like if my bf requested it & I didn't it'd be some squirting going on.

    I've never been to a sex party, bathouse or club. I've been to an adult store in Texas (had an old friend get a job the front desk so we got to go and hang out) I actually walked in the back room with a friend to explore...This is when I discovered what a glory holes were...Didn't participate in anything, just was kinda like we were in a museum.haha. We went a few times and didn't do anything with anyone there. I remember walking in and feeling like that white girl in the movie the Labyrinth...

    And it was more than a few old white dudes in there too...

    Oh and I remember seeing this black and Latino guy going in the pornroom booth together & I was curious and wondered what they were doing...lol umm Fawking of course.

    I so need to write these experiences all down and brainstorm...ha
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    I am one of those condom free fellatio guys.

    I just never really put much thought into it beyond it seems less invasive than raw anal sex. Like, if a guy nuts in your mouth or vice versa, it's a hell of a lot easier to get the ejaculate out of a mouth than it sitting up in your lower intestine just marinating. Any method that you'd clean a hole is going to cause some of the material to go further in which lengthens exposure. With a mouth, you can gargle, Listerine, and peroxide stuff. You have a low amount of exposure as long as you or him don't nut in each others mouth, the precum that does end up on the inside is a small amount.

    For most people this is an acceptable risk. For a lot of guys, it is not, thus, flavored condoms.

    I don't think people are having any more raw sex than they did before. It is just that now everyone has an HD video camera to document it. The smartphone didn't change that, it just changed how much we saw and access to high speed internet and unlimited data makes it accessible to everyone to see and produce. The bareback 'movement' has been a thing for a long time and many gays (mostly the yt ones) have just been seriously defiant about safe sex.

    However, hard to feel sorry for someone who said they were 'caught up in the moment' but took the time to whip out a phone and record their session if they end up saying later that the caught an STI. For me, raw porn or condom porn produces the same effect so I don't find one more alluring than the other. I'm not fucking any of these people so....if they choose to use condoms or not , it is not my personal issue because I'm not the one taking the risk. But I thank them for their services.
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