I....Just Can't....With These Gay Laws

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    So America is super homophobic right and I think I may have brought this up before but there are other places that are a hot ass mess...

    In November 2011, a Cameroonian court convicted two young men who had been arrested for homosexuality outside a nightclub based solely on their appearance and behavior to five years' imprisonment. The presiding judge stated that the way they spoke and their having worn women's clothing and ordered a cream-based liquor was sufficient evidence for homosexuality.

    Same-sex sexual activity legal [​IMG] (Penalty: Up to death, vigilante execution, torture or 5 years imprisonment and fine )

    Cameroon is a conservative society in which homosexuality is frowned upon. In 2006, a number of tabloids published the names of at least 50 very prominent people they claimed were homosexual. They condemned them for deviant behaviour. The stories boosted newspaper circulation, but were criticized by the state communication council for invading people's privacy.


    Afghanistan: A new Penal Code enacted in February 2018 explicitly criminalises same-sex sexual conduct. Sources cited by ILGA indicate that there is a "broad consensus amongst scholars that execution was the appropriate punishment if homosexual acts could be proven”.

    Brunei's Sharia Penal Code, implemented in stages since 2014, prescribes death by stoning as punishment for same-sex relations.

    Iran: Homosexual intercourse is declared a capital offense in Iran's Islamic Penal Code, enacted in 1991. Though the grounds for execution in Iran are difficult to track, there is evidence that several people were hanged for homosexual behavior in 2005-2006 and in 2016, in some cases on dubious charges of rape.

    Maritania: According to a 1984 law, Muslim men can be stoned for engaging in homosexual sex, though no executions have occurred so far.

    Nigeria: where several northern states have adopted sharia-based criminal laws.

    Pakistan: where the death penalty for homosexual acts is technically permitted by the law, but not applied in practice.

    Russia: An unknown number of men, who authorities detained on suspicion of being gay or bisexual, have reportedly died after being held in what human rights groups and eyewitnesses have called concentration camps.

    Saudi Arabia which does not have codified criminal laws. According to the country's interpretation of sharia, a married man who commits sodomy, or a non-Muslim who engages in sodomy with a Muslim, can be stoned to death.

    Somalia where Islamic courts have imposed sharia-based death penalties in some southern regions.

    United Arab Emirates: Legal experts disagree on whether the federal law of the United Arab Emirates prescribes the death penalty for consensual gay sex or only for rape. However, LGBT Nation reported in 2016 that a gay man was on trial and facing the death penalty for posting a photo of himself in drag on social media.

    Regions of Africa with Christian beliefs have had a common occurrence of vigilante executions and very widespread anti-gay sentiment. In these countries, police tend to turn a blind eye and be unsympathetic, often being complicit in the killings and refusing to investigate.
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    It's complicated
    Thank God I live in America.
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