Mr. & Mrs. Doubtfire

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    Have anyone of the squad ever dealt with a person who constantly doubted them? Like if you say something, that person always has something to say such as, "Yeah, right." or they say something to make it seem like you are making things up?

    How have y'all dealt with people like this.

    There's this white guy at my job who I get along with generally, however sometimes I wanna cuss his ass out.

    So if I'm saying something to others, he makes little passive aggressive remarks. I was talking about me going out to this nice restaurant with a friend and he says, "You sure do tell some wild stories."

    So I'm like on the brink of telling him to shut the fuk up sometimes but I'd get in trouble for that of course.

    So when I'm talking to others or engaging in chat, he will occasionally say something to swirl doubts in my claims. I haven't had to deal with folks like this before but maybe one other time...I generally ignore folks but I feel like he is trying to undermine me or something and it does kinda irritate me. It's almost it will be those types of folks most likely to say or spread rumors or post pics and mock you.

    There was another guy like this but he is black but not in my life anymore being an old member of one of my groups.

    Have any of you ever dealt with men and women like this at the workplace, college or whatever? Did you tell them off? Just ignore them? Still communicate with them?

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