Police report details events leading to T.I.’s arrest outside his gated community

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    Atlanta rapper and actor T.I., who reinvented himself as an activist and political force after time in federal prison and years of trouble with the law, was arrested early Wednesday outside his gated community in Henry County, authorities said.

    The music star, whose legal name is Clifford Harris Jr., was arrested after returning to the Eagle’s Landing Country Club community in the 100 block of Eagle’s Landing Way around 4 a.m.

    T.I. said he observed the security guard, Euwan James, sleeping, according to the police report.

    After T.I. woke up the guard and asked to be let in because he didn’t have his keys, James initially refused, the report states. James said T.I. started using profanity and yelled at him to open the gate, the report said. James eventually opened the gate and let T.I. in, but T.I. told police James wouldn’t give him his name or his supervisor’s name when asked.

    After T.I. parked his car at his home, he walked back to try to get James’ name, the report said. James said T.I. threatened him and said “come outside so we can deal with this man to man.”

    The officer said in the report that he smelled “overwhelming” alcohol on T.I.’s breath, and that the rapper admitted he had a drink while walking back to the guard’s shack.

    At some point, T.I. called a friend who eventually joined him, police said.

    T.I. was arrested on misdemeanor charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness. His friend, Marquinarius Holmes, 40, of Stockbridge, was arrested on outstanding charges out of Clayton County and for not having proof of car insurance, the sheriff’s office told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

    Via a live Instagram video, T.I. addressed the arrest as “nonsense” and “small potatoes,” adding that God will take care of it. He appeared in the video while celebrating his son’s 10th birthday at his home.

    Later Wednesday, he told TheBlast.com that law enforcement in the county are “white cops in a very white area.”

    He was released from the Henry County Jail about 8 a.m. Wednesday after posting $2,250 bond. He did not appear before a judge.

    In a statement to The AJC, attorney Steve Sadow said T.I. “was wrongfully arrested” and accused the guard of refusing him entry after the superstar’s wife confirmed he “should be let in immediately.”


    According to Sadow, police were not interested in hearing T.I.’s side of the story when they arrived on the scene and “wrongfully chose to end the situation by arresting” him. Henry County police did not directly address the comments from T.I.’s attorney.

    Police report details events leading to T.I.’s arrest outside gated community
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    Ummm...what is a Marquinarius?

    And when did a 'simple assault' come into play? That part was completely omitted.

    Not that anything police related should surprise at this point, but I just wonder why ppl bother making their lives more difficult. This blk man in this (seemingly) aggressively white neighborhood most likely has a reason to be there.
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    "It's always black people."

    But FRFR , Hamburger didn't want to lose his easy peasy yt fokes subdivision job where he could sleep at 4am because Karen and Mortimer never leave the place after 830 pm on a week night and Imogene doesn't go for her walk until 530. He had a good 90 minutes of snooze time left. He wasn't trying to give nobody a name or supervisor.

    Also, Marquinarius? She didn't know if it was Marquise or Darius who got her pregnant so she just went with what sounded good until she got Maury to figure it out for her. Gotta have your bases covered.
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