Smells Like Catfish But Nice and Deep Fried Catfish!

Discussion in 'Dating and Relationships' started by Nigerian Prince, Aug 28, 2018.

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    Just gonna keep this short since I got to study but have any of you ever ended up liking the way a man looked instead of the initial version presented to you? That happened to me this weekend. I met a man that was a mixed West African (from Niger & Cameroon BUT raised in France) gentleman that was in great shape and spoke well. He presented himself as a pretty red bone but then when he was walking up to our meeting spot he ended up looking like a sexy piece of dark chocolate. Long story short I did bring up my observation to him and he said it was a filter and I told him that he is beautiful as he is already. I told him that I would take a man that is darker skinned, full lips and a wider nose any day over some of the features that are more Euro-Centric or racially ambiguous.

    The date was a great date but now it is just like I am trying to see where things are going. It was my first date since moving back to ATL just over 3 weeks ago and I find him attractive and he said he came all the way out to "the hood" for me since he wanted to step out of his comfort zone and he actually enjoyed it. LOL. I don't know what the future holds but even though I am in school it would be dope to actually have a consistent relationship (or maybe even a situationship) with a fine piece of chocolate like him! WHEW!

    Ok anyway back to these books haha

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