The Thrill of DL Sex

Discussion in 'Sex and Adult' started by Jai, May 13, 2019.

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    What makes DL sex so thrilling? It is the fact that gay sex between black men is taboo?

    At one point I thought DL sex was High School stuff. I never fooled with anyone in high School but you heard stories. There was this one guy in band, nicknamed Boo. He was cute and I asked my friend to ask him if I could suck his dick after band practice. Of course I was joking but he asked him anyone and the boy said he wanted to see who I was and when he saw me, he told my friend that he wanted me to do it. My friend came back and told me and I played it off but the boy was serious. I was even waiting in my spot and he came and sat beside and tried to start a conversation. I was kinda shy so I kinda brush the situation off and he went back to my friend asking why I didn't want to do it.

    I remember he had a whole girlfriend and a baby in High School.

    Aside from that I was too myself. I recently remember seeing a post about a 60+ year old man still on the DL and when I was an app I saw one guy who was in his 40s.

    So I had been thinking about it recently how some vids I see online talk about DL booty or dick.

    I hear things about how DL guys are aggressive fukers or how the majority are just bottoms...

    I mean I should know it occurs in college but I kept to myself.

    Not real super point to this topic except it was on my mind and decided to do a post about it.

    I'm not gonna post pics and stuff in here but you get where I'm going.
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    I think, in my opinion, its a matter of exclusivity. As in he can have as many females as he wants, however when it comes to males he chose me and prefers to keep our escapades a secret. The other gheys do not have access to him, and he isn't on the scene or clockable.
    The society sees him as the ideal man, but they do not know I as a gay man(who is considered less than) shares the most intimate human moments with him. Thereby, making me Ideal adjacent.

    Personally, I do not mess with DL guys. Not because of any negative way society sees them, but for my own personal safety. However, discreet guys are more than welcome!
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